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Viant Releases New Research Revealing How CPG Advertisers Can Grow Sales


New research from Viant Technology Inc., a prominent provider of people-based advertising technology, identifies the audience segment known as “the Moveable Middle” as being the one most likely to make a purchase after viewing an advertisement. In collaboration with Circana (formerly IRI and NPD) and market researcher Joel Rubinson, Viant conducted research testing the Moveable Middle theory by launching three sizable CPG advertising campaigns that made use of Circana’s consumer-purchase data and Viant’s people-based programmatic platform.

The study’s findings showed that, in comparison to other important audiences, the Moveable Middle audience regularly outperformed non-Movable Middle audiences, with up to 14 times the sales lift following exposure to advertising. The Moveable Middle is a theory that was first developed by the MMA with Joel Rubinson’s assistance and collaboration. It holds that there is an influential consumer group called the Moveable Middle that is the most receptive to advertising between the audience that is brand loyal and those who would not purchase a brand.

“This research presents a tremendous opportunity for advertisers to leverage Viant’s proprietary cookieless technology to directly identify if a target audience is in the Moveable Middle for a given brand, and then execute an omnichannel Moveable Middle targeting strategy measuring true campaign impact and lift.”

Jon Schulz, Chief Marketing Officer, Viant

The Moveable Middle is the most recent iteration of research conducted by Viant and Rubinson, who helped CPG marketers understand how to achieve the maximum return on ad spend (ROAS), following the publication of “The Persuadables.” Based on their buying cycle and brand switching willingness, The Persuadables established a methodology for identifying audience segments that are most likely to conduct transactions.

“Given tightening economic conditions and the increasing demands on marketers to demonstrate returns on investment, it is imperative for marketers to run campaigns that are engineered to be efficient and minimize wasted impressions by identifying consumers most likely to purchase a given brand”, “Leveraging the notion of Moveable Middle offers a path to realizing this goal.“

Joel Rubinson, market researcher

Marketers have chances to use the Moveable Middle audience in the Viant DSP to carry out campaigns that boost ROAS throughout the current media landscape thanks to Viant’s direct connection with a portfolio of high-value data partners, including Circana.

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