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Uniform and Algolia Partner for New Ways of Delivering Digital Content and Boosting Efficiency of Business Teams

Uniform, the leader in the emerging digital experience aggregator category, has partnered with Algolia, an award-winning search and discovery API platform. The technology partnership combines with Uniform’s ability to automatically deliver lightning-fast, highly relevant experiences to Algolia’s lightning-fast, highly relevant search and discovery process. With this integration, sales teams can personalize the search experience and automate content recommendations for digital experiences, helping to improve customer journeys and increase conversions.

“The future of retail is composable, and Uniform makes that happen,”
“This partnership makes it simple for our digital experience composition (DXC) platform to connect Algolia to websites or digital experiences so that brands can quickly and automatically deliver relevant results to shoppers. Not only that, these are new and efficient ways for both developers and business users to work with a modern digital-experience stack.”
Darren Guarnaccia, president of Uniform.

Algolia integration brings search components into Uniform, providing two standout features for brands already using DXCP Uniform:

Content selection and staging:

As a new feature of Algolia, a Canvas component can query the index for one or more elements and quickly provide the results. In addition, the content or products are displayed in the Canvas component through search and other aspects of Algolia are automated, which you can pull from any index, such as goods in the tool commercial or blog post. Last but not least, these dynamic content selection capabilities eliminate the need for manual page updates, saving a lot of time and money while increasing conversions and upselling.

Custom search pages:

With Uniform + Algolia, business users can create custom, faceted search pages and control displays by adding Algolia components from the pre-built Instant Search user interface. These users can then control pagination, and columns in the results, and display images and other page content without developer assistance.

Notable are these three use cases:

Components that suggest automatic content:

On a unified Canvas site, business users can provide a Unified blog indexing content carousel and display results that are most relevant to search keywords to convey insights to visitors, the person can then continue browsing the site.

For commerce sites, business users can connect the Canvas component to the Algolia commerce index, then search for alternative products (e.g. brown leather shoes on the product detail page) or additional merchandise (e.g. belts and bags to match the shoes viewed. ) to promote cross-selling.

Control the search page:

In search results, clothing sellers can display product photos in three columns, and tool sellers can post brief descriptions without images. Implementing either scenario with Uniform + Algolia is simple and intuitive.

Personalized content recommendations:

For visitors interested in the red sweater, add it as a search parameter on a page and based on the search index markup, highlight similar products they might be interested in.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Uniform to deliver our leading search and discovery experiences to retailers in innovative and exciting ways that ease the process of orchestrating and automating content,”
“Plus, Uniform’s platform and technology bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of commerce and marketing teams at scale, a win-win for retailers.”
Piyush Patel, chief strategic BD officer, Algolia.

Uniforms and Algolia will be available at NRF 2023:
Major retail show to showcase their new partnership. At MACH HAUS, look for Uniforms at The Glasshouse NYC across from the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Algolia at booth NRF #1016.

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