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UiPath and Amelia Partner to Usher in a New Era of Seamless Digital Experiences for the Future of Work


Market leaders team up to develop a conversational, automated, and integrated IT service desk solution that reimagines employee experiences.

The capabilities of the UiPath Business Automation Platform and Amelia’s enterprise-grade Conversational AI will be combined to create a fully integrated IT digital agent solution. UiPath is a prominent provider of enterprise automation software. Amelia is the industry leader in Trusted AI. The industry leaders will help organisations expand effectively by doing more with less by enabling customers to create tailored employee experiences at scale.

Employee experiences are still lacking despite the enterprise’s widespread use of digital technologies. UiPath and Amelia provide an integrated solution that reimagines the work experience and yields demonstrable increases in productivity and net promoter scores by bridging the gap between strong automation and streamlined user experiences (NPS).

Support requests can be made by staff members by voice, messaging, or chat. For the purpose of resolving the challenges with workflow automation and AI, Amelia processes the request and interfaces natively with UiPath software robots. Amelia summarizes the resolution for the employee via their preferred channel after it is finished. When requests cannot be answered, they are escalated to support personnel, and the combined solution uses the experience to improve how it handles future instances of the same problems.

Employers who implement the joint solution from UiPath and Amelia empower their staff and increase employee satisfaction by providing immediate, 24/7/365 responses to a wide range of IT and administrative issues, such as application troubleshooting, VPN access, password resets, holiday balance checks, payroll adjustments, and more.

Amelia and UiPath’s integrated solution enables remarkable user experiences by swiftly resolving routine chores, freeing up staff members to concentrate on driving business growth and offering top-notch customer service. End-to-end resolutions for high-volume requests are made possible by it, which decreases service desk wait times, speeds up request handling, and raises employer NPS. When their business demands change, customers have the freedom to expand custom apps and solutions with the offering.

“UiPath is motivated by the fundamental beliefs that automation liberates humanity’s boundless potential and that it is critical to transform employee experiences in today’s resource-constrained market”, “In Amelia, we found a partner that is both home to a market-leading Conversational AI solution, and perfectly aligned with our mission and vision for automation. We are thrilled to bring our joint solution to market to help employees everywhere and drive productivity at organizations around the world.”

Dhruv Asher, Senior Vice President of Alliances and Business Development, UiPath

“We are extremely pleased to partner with UiPath to create a fully integrated automation solution for seamless support experiences. Employees are undoubtedly the engine that drives companies’ success, yet people are often hindered in their jobs by repetitive, time-consuming tasks that distract them from their goals. Our joint solution eliminates barriers to productivity and creativity by bringing together the market’s leading Conversational AI and business automation technology, and we’re excited to deliver new innovations across industries.”

Lanham Napier, President and Chairman, Amelia

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