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Twitter is adding new features to make it easier for users to watch and discover videos on its platform, the social network announced on Thursday. Most notably, the company is launching a scrollable TikTok-like video feed.

In the coming days, iOS users will be able to click on videos in their feed to access a new drop-down video feed. After watching the video you clicked on, you can scroll up to start browsing other video content. You’ll then be in a scrolling video stream, similar to the browsing experience on TikTok. If you want to exit the viewer and go back to the original tweet, you can click the back arrow in the upper left corner.

Twitter says the goal of the new media viewer is to make it easier for users to discover engaging videos. The social network hasn’t said when the media viewer will be available to users on Android.

Additionally, Twitter is rolling out a new video carousel under the Explore tab. Users will see a new “Videos for you” category that will show popular and trending videos that the app thinks you might be interested in.

Twitter started testing TikTok-like video feeds in December 2021 to give users a more personalized Explore page. In this test, Twitter turned the entire Explore page into a video feed, complete with a “For You” tab. With the changes announced today, Twitter isn’t focused on replacing the entire Explore page with a TikTok-like feed.

The company’s approach to a TikTok-like stream can be seen as somewhat acceptable, especially since it doesn’t force it directly on users, as the previous testing did with other platforms. TikTok-like video stream. Those who prefer a scrolling video stream can access Immersion View if they wish, and users who don’t want a video stream can choose not to open Immersion Viewer.

Of course, not everyone enjoys change, especially when it involves the adoption of a feature that was already present on another platform. Instagram discovered this the hard way after facing intense user opposition when it attempted to introduce a full-screen home page similar to TikTok a few months ago. It’s possible that Twitter is choosing to create a more controlling experience for scrollable video feeds in order to avoid a similar circumstance.

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