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Synamedia Launches Quortex Link pay-as-you-use SaaS Platform for Dynamic Video Distribution


Leading producer of video software Synamedia launched Quortex Link, a first-of-its-kind, self-service, multi-tenant SaaS platform for video distribution that is pay-per-use. The distribution of 24/7 channels and sporadic material for events, news, sports, and pop-up channels is simplified with just one click, eliminating the need for complicated and expensive static infrastructure. By doing away with always-on infrastructure, Quortex Link significantly decreases the time and money needed to set up video distribution networks while also reducing energy use and carbon emissions. A pay-as-you-use business model has upended conventional company models, enabling what once required months and major Capex to be completed in a matter of seconds and with no risk.

By enabling content creators to offer live video content point-to-point throughout the world using a dependable and secure cloud distribution network, Quortex Link revolutionises video distribution. Providers only pay for the time a link is operational thanks to its pay-as-you-go pricing mechanism, which offers significant cost reductions in comparison to conventional satellite or fibre delivery.

As an open platform, it can broadcast live feeds via SRT or Zixi, among other protocols. Quortex Link delivers a fully secured and dependable distribution infrastructure for high-quality live video by utilising cutting-edge high-availability topologies.

“As the demand for live streaming content continues to grow, operators need new ways to deliver and manage high-quality content more efficiently and cost-effectively”, “With Quortex Link, content providers can deliver their content to multiple locations around the world, in a few clicks, keeping the same reliability as satellite delivery for a fraction of the cost. Our solution provides the flexibility they need to deliver their streams efficiently and at scale to hundreds of end points.”

Thomas Dellerue, Senior Product Manager, Synamedia

In addition to market-leading Vivid PowerVu, which provides secure 24/7 primary distribution to affiliates and MVPDs across satellite, CDN, and IP with enhanced receiver control and edge processing, Quortex Link serves a wide range of video distribution requirements.

The Quortex solutions from Synamedia are a component of its Video Network portfolio, which is made to cater to all different kinds of video service providers, from specialized streamers to tier-1 operators. This product line’s cloud-native design enables the instant creation of live video workflows using a web UI or a fully-featured API. Along with 24/7 distribution, its strong scheduling features help the handling of transient events.

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