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Sposter Launches New Features for Social Media Management

Social Media

Sposter can help you harness the power of social media management. The All-in-One Platform for Seamless Optimisation and Increased Engagement.

Introducing Sposter, the specialised social media optimisation software, at its relaunch.

Businesses must figure out how to efficiently manage social networks in a digital era with growing information flows. A prosperous company’s future is made more secure by Sposter. According to studies, using this kind of instrument can result in significant cost savings.

A Lithuanian start-up firm called Sposter created a solution that makes it simple to manage social networks centrally. The Sposter platform efficiently manages social media, making it simpler to design a communication strategy, produce messages, schedule events and announcements, and interact with staff and clients.

In 2023, a new version was made available. It featured a completely revamped user interface and user design, enhanced team management and task management features, as well as a new Artificial Intelligence Prediction Module that offered predictions about how the audience would react to the recording that was being made.

What advantage does the updated Sposter system offer?

An artificial intelligence algorithm that examines data from connections to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin is part of the new edition of Sposter. Artificial intelligence examines data on prior social media posts made by a company. The algorithms forecast when the target audience will be most engaged based on all of this data. Artificial intelligence greatly raises brand exposure, consumer engagement, and revenue.

The updated version of Sposter now has enhanced task management features that make it much simpler to monitor the status of assigned assignments. A task can be shared among numerous persons by choosing the task management function. Sposter gives information on social media activity and responsibilities for each employee. Task scheduling and calendar tracking are made simple by Sposter.

To guarantee better accountability and transparency between the person with administrative power who completes the duties and draughts the social media postings and the person to whom the permission request is addressed, Sposter has also added an approval feature. The benefit of this feature is that it enables real-time client communication without the need to upload or download anything.

Renovated Sposter now offers the updated chat feature, which enables direct communication with other team members or clients, as well as the exchange of assignments and files. Communication is the foundation of successful teamwork and task management.

“I am extremely proud to announce the relaunch of the Sporter platform and to expand it to other markets. We are growing and we do have big ambitions for the future.“ Now we are planning to develop a feature that would allow to create communication plan for the whole month with just the click of a button. The artificial intelligence model would generate a grid based on audience engagement and data from previous posts. This feature will make it even easier for the customer to manage their social networks and plan an effective communication strategy.

Pavel Drobinov, founder, Sposter

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