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Sisu Expands Strategic Partnership With Google Cloud

Sisu Data, the decision intelligence company, is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud to help more organizations increase analyst efficiency, fuel decision-making, and drive metric improvement. Today at Google Cloud Next, Sisu announced that Google Cloud will provide easy access to Sisu capabilities inside Google Cloud’s Looker, BigQuery, and data cloud products to enable users to benefit from AI/ML-powered automated analytics.

Joint Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine and Google Cloud Looker customers were able to leverage existing integrations to accelerate data investigation and diagnose why key metrics changed. This announcement extends the integration to further simplify the operation of automated AI/ML-based analytics for data modeled and managed in Google Cloud.

Businesses today are storing more data than ever before, more data than they can effectively use. According to Gartner®, “The only thing that grows faster than enterprises’ appetites for information is the volume of data itself. It will no longer be enough to use and understand all this data with an army of professional users armed with these tools. The tools need the help of machines to speed up data entry and interpretation and share insights with business users. “*

To help businesses reduce the noise of ever-increasing volumes of data, Sisu’s business intelligence engine enhances analytics with AI/ML-powered automated analytics, providing insights into statistically significant data at scale to the cloud in seconds.

“Sisu’s mission to operationalize the world’s data is a bold goal, and we’re excited about the impact this deep integration with Google Cloud will have for customers,”
“Google Cloud is a clear leader in cloud analytics and data infrastructure, and we’re excited to power ML-driven insights across their customer base.”
Peter Bailis, Founder and CEO of Sisu.

The strategic partnership brings Sisu’s decision intelligence capabilities and Google Cloud’s data analytics closer together, augmenting analytics workflows to help more people:

  • Accelerate answers: Leverage predefined governed data and metrics in Looker’s semantic layer, LookML, to run ML-powered analyses with Sisu—closing the loop between raw data to insight.
  • Democratize machine learning: ML-powered automated capabilities in Sisu enable users without data science expertise to run advanced analytics and cut through the noise of growing data volume.
  • Adapt and act: Quickly iterate on questions via the familiar Looker interface while running diagnostic analyses via Sisu’s machine learning-powered algorithms.
“Google Cloud is committed to going beyond traditional business intelligence to help customers innovate, solve, and succeed with data,”
“By bringing Google Cloud and Sisu closer together, we can help more people leverage augmented analytics to deliver comprehensive insights at the speed organizations need to make critical business decisions.”
Bronwyn Hastings, Vice President, ISV Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud.
“At Overstock, we trust Sisu and Google Cloud to help us champion a data culture and make the best decisions,”
“The expanding partnership between Sisu and Google Cloud will make it even easier for us to drive strategic decisions with data and deliver the best customer experience.”
Dave Nielsen, President at Overstock.
“Today’s most successful organizations know the value of operationalizing cloud data,”
“Bringing Sisu and Google Cloud closer together creates a clear path for more companies to succeed by delivering real-time answers to their cloud-scale questions.”
Ben Horowitz, cofounder and general partner at Andreessen Horowitz.
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