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Similarweb’s New Tools for Search Marketers Track Brand Opportunities and Threats


Search Tracker keeps SEO and PPC teams in sync with where and when to invest by monitoring the full search engine results landscape.

To assist its clients in implementing a more thorough and successful search marketing strategy, Similarweb is releasing a set of two search marketing tools, one focused on organic search engine optimization ranking and the other on fighting off competition threats in pay per click search.

The new Search Tracker module from similarweb is made up of two tools—Rank Tracker and Brand Protection—that offer a comprehensive approach to both organic and pay-per-click search marketing. The Search Tracker module of Similarweb 3.0 was developed with help from SEO specialists at Rank Ranger, which Similarweb bought in 2022.

To provide SEO and PPC teams with a single source of truth regarding where to invest, Search Tracker as a whole keeps track of the entire SERP landscape. The advantages of each Search Tracker tool vary.

  • The daily keyword tracking tool Rank Tracker assists SEO teams in identifying the keywords that are most effective for them, areas that require additional optimization, and areas where competitors have an advantage that has to be neutralized. SEO teams will be impressed by the range and depth of data accessible thanks to industry-leading competition and SERP reports.
  • Brand Protection, a daily PPC monitoring tool, warns teams of potential hazards like rivals bidding on your brand name or keywords where it’s crucial to keep an advantage. PPC may restore and keep control of the traffic that is legally theirs by spotting these risks early and taking swift action.

Together, these tools support search marketing teams in responding to opportunities and challenges that arise quickly, such as sudden adjustments to search engines and organic rankings or ruthless PPC rivalry.

“Speed is important in search marketing, making daily data updates essential for any digital marketing team”, “Our customers tell us that they can counter competitive threats more effectively and take advantage of opportunities before they slip away when they respond quickly, and providing more current data is one of the ways we’re responding to that requirement. In addition, SEO and PPC teams and the tools they use are too often siloed, leading to disjointed strategies. Search Tracker helps bring those teams together around a single source of truth.”

Or Offer, CEO, Similarweb


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