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Selligent Marketing Cloud Boosts Customer Engagement with New Smart Subject Capabilities

Selligent Marketing Cloud (Selligent), the intelligent omnichannel marketing automation platform and CM Group brand, today announced the launch of Smart Subject, an AI-based individual subject line optimization capability that improves campaign performance and reduces manual labor of subject line creation for marketers. Smart Subject, along with a series of other new AI-capability offerings, is built to help brands stand out in a crowded inbox, enhancing personalized marketing across languages.

With Smart Subject, marketers can send the optimal subject line for every contact in their segment through the use of:

  • Automatic Subject Line Matching: Selligent’s Natural Language Processing-based engine will find the optimal subject line for every contact.
  • Instant Feedback: Smart Subject can identify what percentage of a segment will respond positively so marketers can make adjustments and create variants before scheduling any campaign.
  • Virtual Profiles: AI builds a virtual profile of words and phrases that have previously created engagement for each contact for future optimization.
  • Multi-Language Management: Smart Subject supports all EU languages within a single interface, providing feedback on what resonates best in every language.

Smart Subject allows marketing leaders to optimize their engagement beyond their competition. Designed to help marketers save a significant amount of time and tap into new capabilities only made possible by AI-driven natural language processing, Smart Subject creates workflow efficiencies while also improving performance. One-to-one optimization powered by AI means that marketers use the phrases and words that drive open rates for their target segments. With instant feedback before an email is even sent, Smart Subject ensures that marketers can move at the speed of their customers.

Email is a critical link for customers and prospects, but making improvements to campaigns can be daunting without the right tools. We deliver AI-driven decision making that helps marketers reach each customer with more effective messaging while reducing manual labor, Smart Subject automatically improves the relevance of campaigns across languages, at the individual level so that every recipient gets the best possible message and marketers get the best possible outcomes.”
– Ben Burns, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud.


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