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Pinterest Rolls Out New Tools to Help Advertisers

People on Pinterest seek inspiration with intent – from searching for the latest trends to clicking on an ad for their next purchase, they have an expectation to find what they’re looking to buy and have an open mind to discover more. Today, Pinterest announced new tools for advertisers that support an even more cohesive journey from the start of the campaign lifecycle until post-campaign reporting.

With the newly released extended Pinterest Trends Tool, marketers can now gain a deeper understanding of Pinner planning habits to better inform campaign planning through creative and targeting. Additionally, Pinterest’s new API for Conversions is now internationally accessible at the conclusion of the advertising journey, giving marketers a thorough view of campaign performance to gauge the actions those audiences did on an advertiser’s website. In the upcoming weeks, Shopify, a partner in e-commerce, and Google Tag Manager, a partner in tag management, will integrate conversion features into the Pinterest API globally.

“Pinterest is uniquely positioned at the intersection of discovery and commerce, where inspiration meets intent,”
Bill Watkins, Chief Revenue Officer at Pinterest.

Pinterest is extending the use of its Pinterest Trends tool outside of the US, UK, and CA, into 30 more nations and 22 other languages, providing enriched and first-in-the-industry insights into the peak times for popular search phrases. Advertisers can utilize this data to determine the trends that are popular with their target audiences and to match the trends that Pinners are most interested in with their creative, targeting, merchandising, content, and sales calendars. The feature is now internationally accessible and offers a better user experience on desktops and tablets.

Using the Pinterest Trends Tool can help advertisers win the Q4 holiday season and beyond with industry-first features including:

  • Trends your audience loves – this widget on the homepage of Pinterest Trends allows advertisers to see what is trending with their engaged users and followers in the last 90 days.

  • Trends by demographics – the only tool that helps advertisers filter by age, topic, time and place

  • Seasonal trends – new trend types such as Seasonal trends help advertisers better align content and marketing calendars to when Pinners are most engaged with different topics

While the new features of the Pinterest Trends tool are exciting, where trends really shine is how advertisers use them to improve the performance of their business. Brands like Ally Financial have harnessed Pinterest trending life events and moments like Christmas gift guides, financial solutions and tax refund ideas to inform creative strategies and audiences there. As a result, they found that CPM is 33% more effective and CPiA is 56% more effective than other paid social channels in driving more deposit accounts.

The Pinterest Conversions API is a secure and reliable new way for advertisers to connect their data to Pinterest, allowing for better targeting and measurement. With this server-to-server tagging solution, advertisers gain continuous visibility into performance and enable the optimization of Pinterest ad campaigns. This is especially important as the industry grows.

To date, hundreds of advertisers around the world have partnered with Pinterest to implement the Conversion API to see its impact on advertiser performance and reliability. Preliminary results from these findings suggest that the Conversions API is not only the future of conversion measurement but also acts as a current performance driver for Pinterest advertisers. Advertisers who used the API for conversions saw it.

  • 14% Cost per action (CPA) improvements on average for oCPM campaigns when using both Conversion API and Tags, compared to using Tags only

  • 36% average increase in attributed conversion volume when using both Conversion API and Tags, compared to using Tags only

Although checkouts and other lower-funnel actions are the most common use cases for the API for Conversions, many advertisers have discovered extra benefits from using the tool for add-to-cart and page visit actions, which are at the top of the funnel.

The Pinterest API for Conversions is the newest use case in the Pinterest API and Pinterest’s entire suite of measurement solutions, after the recent release of the Pinterest API for Shopping. The Pinterest API for Conversions is accessible to all advertisers worldwide and may be used directly or in conjunction with partners like Shopify or Google Tag Manager.

  • Direct integration: Allows for the highest amount of advertiser control. Requires developer resources. For more information, visit the Pinterest Developer Platform.

  • Partner Integration: Coming in the next few weeks, advertisers can quickly set up the API for Conversions through a 3rd party without developer resources

    • Shopify: All Pinterest merchants are eligible via the Pinterest channel

    • Google Tag Manager: Advertisers must already be working with GTM-Server Side

“Through Server Pixels and the Pinterest API for Conversions, Shopify can now give our millions of merchants another secure tool to drive discovery with Pinterest’s 400 million-plus users.”
Egan Cheung, Director of Product at Shopify.
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