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Orangie Setting Standards as an NFT Marketing Brand in the Developing Digital Ecosystem

Orangie is a brand providing marketing services in the NFT and Web 3.0 communities. Beginning their journey on professional gaming platforms, they quickly realized the growth of the NFT industry and the future associated with it. Combining these arenas with other digital innovations, Orangie is prospecting to advance the digital ecosystem in the years to come. A brand backed by influential figure Gabriele Leyva, Orangie has successfully gained a positive reputation in the digital community for its NFT marketing.

Looking into the past ventures of Orangie reveals a successful history in professional gaming content. They built a 700K+ following in only a short time and have shown a capacity for commanding attention. While building their niche in the gaming industry, however, Orangie realized the endless opportunities associated with Web 3.0. Combining that with the NFT space was revolutionary for the brand, inspiring them to fully shift their digital venture into NFTs and Web 3.0.

The brand has extensive insight into the industry and its growth. With an assessment of the emerging trends and the points of traction for expansion, Orangie was able to realize its operability. Soon, they began offering services as an NFT marketer in the digital space. Leveraging brand recognition and popularity from their previous gaming venture, Orangie was highly successful as a digital collaborator. One such prominent collaboration was with bodybuilder Bradley Martyn.

In addition to their collaborative work, Orangie has been bullish on various NFT projects and encourages members of the digital community to inherit the developing innovation of Web 3.0. Consequently, they have collaborated with CubeX NFT, an NFT project built on the concept of the metaverse. These ventures show the inclusive ideology of the brand and its commitment to making a statement in the digital ecosystem, backed by NFTs and Web 3.0.

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