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NetElixir Releases AI-Powered Digital Marketing Platform To Predictably Win High-Value Customers

LXRInsights, a proprietary AI-powered digital marketing platform from NetElixir, one of the fastest-growing independent digital marketing businesses in the United States, was released. The strength of machine learning is combined with a human touch in this innovative offering.

Utilizing the high-value customer groups from LXRInsights resulted in a 2x boost in conversions over typical audiences.

The primary attributes of LXRInsights include:

  • One-click remarketing campaigns may be launched with major platforms like Google Ads and Meta thanks to seamless integration.
  • utilizing initial high-quality signals to drive machine learning algorithms to continuously locate comparable high-value audiences
  • Providing actionable information and insights to assist marketers in selecting the channels that will best support their growth objectives for their budgets
  • High-Value Customer Score to quickly calculate the value of recently acquired clients
  • Using the Experiments Playbook, marketers can periodically evaluate and improve their growth strategy.
“The future of digital advertising in the cookieless future will be ruled by walled gardens, where each marketer will need to choose which ones they want to play in,”
“LXRInsights enhances the levers you can control in these walled gardens, such as audience signals. Our platform helps determine which levers you need to pull in order to win your best customers.”
Udayan Bose, Founder and CEO of NetElixir.

For our clients, NetElixir’s LXRInsights has already achieved some incredible success in expanding the reach of Google Ads and Meta campaigns. Utilizing LXRInsights’ high-value customer groups resulted in a 2x increase in conversions when compared to typical audiences, which helped a leading beauty brand achieve 133% of its quarterly target revenue. For a large scrubs retailer, social campaigns directed to LXRInsights’ lookalike high-value customer list produced a 39% higher conversion rate than Meta’s benchmark. After interacting with an advertisement, these high-value clients stayed on the website for an additional 15 to 30 seconds compared to other audiences.

All of this is only the start. The team is constantly improving LXRInsights’ solutions based on user feedback from clients and internal experiments. the coming year

Aims of NetElixir include:

  • A roadmap on how to enhance customer loyalty and more than 20 features to establish a customer’s high-value score.
  • Playbook for Extensive Experiments to assist marketers in enhancing their brand’s ideal procedures for client involvement across channels
  • To more accurately determine which goods attract high-value consumers, create a customer journey map that is aligned with a product journey map.
  • Overview of online client behavior based on macro trend research to help you better understand your customers

After the NetElixir team discovered that 12–15% of customers account for more than 40% of revenue, LXRInsights was created. Marketers may greatly increase the effectiveness of their channel marketing while staying within their budget by locating, attracting, and retaining these high-value clients.

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