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Moz Launches Brand Authority: First-to-Market Metric for Measuring Brand Strength and Salience

Brand Authority

The new proprietary metric from the pioneer in SEO assesses online brand strength precisely and accelerates competitive analysis to identify threats, opportunities, and improvement areas.

The top provider of SEO and marketing solutions, Moz, has introduced a first-to-market metric called Brand AuthorityTM that enables executives and marketers to assess the strength of an online brand on a scale of one to 100 and quickly assess the competitive environment using a brand comparison visualization. Moz’s search scientists and product team collaborated to create this new metric after realizing how the market was changing and the obvious need for a mechanism to gauge brand salience. Brand Authority offers marketers crucial information into the success of their brands and possible chances for growth by utilizing Moz’s sector-leading search analytics and a new proprietary algorithm.

For marketers and public relations specialists, Brand Authority, which is now accessible in Moz Pro and via the Moz API, makes the power of brands quantifiable. Users may evaluate their marketing gaps with Brand Authority to maximize their return on investment (ROI), understand the genuine value of sales leads and prospective acquisition targets, and evaluate the true influence of the media brands that cover their story. These leaders’ ability to see the big picture will enable them to develop more effective strategies and produce better results.

“We know brands matter in the world and on search engines like Google. With Brand Authority, we can finally understand how much they matter and put that power to work. Brand Authority takes away the hand-waving and makes the concept of brands concrete so businesses can see the big picture of their sites, their prospects, and their marketing and PR efforts”, “By measuring the full power of any brand, including offline influences previously out of reach, users can make more informed decisions and drive better results and higher ROI.”

Dr. Peter J. Meyers, Marketing Scientist, Moz

A list of the top 500 US brands based on Brand Authority has been released by Moz along with the introduction of this new statistic. This list can help marketers, SEOs, and PR experts strengthen their competitive analyses. They can also use the new Brand Authority comparison visualization in Moz Pro. Users now have a practical way to compare their brand strength to that of the competition thanks to these new capabilities.

Businesses that can adjust to the demands and tastes of their customers are more likely to stand out from the competition in the contemporary data-driven world. With this in mind, Moz created Brand Authority to keep delivering SEO tools that are unmatched in the industry and assist business executives in making wise choices regarding their marketing plans. Since 2004, Moz has been at the forefront of the market, continually providing cutting-edge solutions that help businesses prosper in the digital world. Moz is known for their Domain AuthorityTM measure, best in class link index, and search volume data. The business has established a reputation for providing products and services that are results-driven because to its strong understanding of market dynamics and customer needs.

“The new Brand Authority metric has the ability to fundamentally change the way marketers measure the success of their efforts. Quantifying a brand has always been a challenge for organizations but this metric can accurately determine how successful they’ve been at establishing brand excellence”, “Whether you’re a marketer planning billboards or overseeing SEO the metric will support your business planning and ability to measure impact. The most interesting part of the metric – beyond marketing and SEO – is that it can be used to determine which organizations actually have a brand moat and which brands have work to do.”

Ross Simmonds, Founder & CEO of content marketing agency, Foundation

On August 7, 2023, the Brand Authority measure will make its public debut at MozCon. Currently, this measure is based on data from the US. By 2024, Moz intends to incorporate data from new regions. MozCon is an annual conference put on by Moz where professionals from the digital marketing and industry get together to discuss the future of search, share insights, and network. Speakers for MozCon 2023 include Dr. Pete Meyers (Moz), Jackie Chu (Uber), Daniel Walsberg (Google), and more.


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