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Mintegral Joins Google AdMob as a Bidding and Waterfall SDK Network

Google AdMob

Mintegral, a leading programmatic ad platform, announced that it joined Google AdMob as a bidding and waterfall SDK network with supported ad formats of interstitial, rewarded, and banner ads. Mintegral’s bidding solution simplifies in-app advertising, connecting premium demand to app businesses looking to scale their revenue worldwide.

Developers can use a flexible bidding strategy to make the most of their inventory and increase their ad income with the help of both in-app bidding and waterfall. Publishers can get Mintegral’s premium global ad demand by integrating with its SDK via Google AdMob. Over 10,000 renowned publishers have already incorporated Mintegral’s SDK, including Voodoo, Azur Games, CrazyLabs, SayGames, Outfit7, PeopleFun, Easybrain, and more.

More high-quality traffic across a variety of verticals, such as utility apps, e-commerce, mid-core and hard-core games, hyper-casual and casual games, and more, will also be advantageous to Mintegral’s partnered advertisers, growing their UA campaigns to a new level. Mintegral is committed to recruiting the right users by delivering customised creatives based on their interests and needs, enhancing UA effectiveness with simplicity. This is made possible by leading AI technology such as Dynamic Creative Optimisation.

“Google AdMob is a powerful tool for app developers’ monetization. Mintegral is excited to participate as a bidding and waterfall SDK network partner within AdMob to help deliver the most competitive demand to global developers.”

Jeff Sue, GM, Americas, Mintegral

“Having integrated with Mintegral’s SDK as their in-app bidding partner through Google AdMob, we’ve effectively increased our global ad revenue for our game Rent Please! Landlord Sim. We are particularly pleased with the stable and premium ad demand provided by Mintegral, which has boosted our ARPDAU by 10%. As one of our top partners for global success, Mintegral’s advanced in-app bidding solution has not only saved us significant effort in operations but also helped us exceed our monetization goals transparently and effectively.”

Xing Mi, Game Producer, Shimmer Games

Mintegral has merged with mediation partners like AppLovin MAX, Unity LevelPlay, DT FairBid, TopOn, and Yandex in addition to Google AdMob. The industry has acknowledged Mintegral’s UA and monetization prowess; most recently, the mobile measurement platform AppsFlyer noted its rising market share and ranked it among the Top 3 ad networks globally.

A larger range of developers will be given the ability to increase their ad revenue when Mintegral, in addition to Google AdMob, soon joins Google Ad Manager as a bidding and waterfall SDK network.

To integrate the Mintegral SDK as an app developer or publisher, follow the instructions below after signing into your Google AdMob account.

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