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Magnite Research Finds Streaming TV’s Rapid Growth in Latin America Is Driven by Ad-Supported Viewing


In LATAM, 75% of internet-connected TV viewers watch streaming TV with Ad.

The largest independent omnichannel sell-side advertising company in the world, Magnite, has released its most recent research report, titled “The Rise of Ad-Supported Streaming: An In-Depth Look at How Ads Are Powering Streaming TV in LATAM.” According to the study, 75% of TV viewers in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico who have access to the internet watch ad-supported streaming TV, which includes television programmes streamed on any device.

According to the survey, demand for ad-supported content is rising as streaming in the LATAM industry reaches a new stage of maturity. 83% of individuals who watch streaming TV do so while ad-supported content is present. Importantly, viewers of ad-supported streaming TV watch the same amount of programming (15 hours) as viewers without ads, demonstrating that advertising has no negative effects on viewer engagement.

“Streaming is revolutionizing the way audiences consume television content globally and we completed this study to better understand how this trend is taking shape in Latin America”, “It’s clear from the results of our research that Latin Americans are embracing streaming TV. The overwhelming popularity of streaming TV and viewers’ acceptance of ad-supported models signal future growth of advertising in this format and more opportunities for both publishers and advertisers.”

Rafael Pallarés, Vice President of LATAM, Magnite

Major conclusions from Magnite’s research include:

  • Ad-supported venues will probably attract more ad-free streams. 71% of LATAM users who pay for ad-free streaming stated they would use a new ad-based service for free or at a discounted price.
  • Viewers of LATAM streaming TV are multi-device consumers, and brand exposure on various platforms influences purchasing intent. 88% of streamers who are sponsored by advertisements are more inclined to buy anything from a company they interacted with on several platforms.
  • Viewers who are funded by commercials have a lot of faith in the advertisements they see. 83% of this LATAM demographic believes that TV advertisements are trustworthy.
  • LATAM audiences see the utility of streaming TV favourably. 94% of ad-supported streamers claimed that streaming TV offers better programming than traditional TV and 96% indicated that it is a good value as a source of entertainment. In the opinion of 83% of the audience, streaming TV is a “must-have” in every home.


In order to conduct an online survey with 4,991 respondents from Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico), Magnite hired Harris Interactive. People between the ages of 16 and 74 who have internet access at home and watch 7+ hours of TV each week make up the respondents. The fieldwork took place between March 28 and April 12, 2023.

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