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Koo, World’s Second Largest Micro-Blogging Platform, Encourages Americans to #JoinKoo in the Face of the Great Social Media Migration

Koo, a two-year-old independent startup backed by notable investors Tiger Global and Accel Partners, encourages Americans seeking an alternative social blogging platform to #JoinKoo and experience first-hand its inclusive, secure, easy-to-use and free-to-access platform available on web and mobile applications.

With a massive migration to other popular social platforms now requiring extra fees and establishing aggressive policies, Koo is poised to let a new set of users into its platform. A testament to the platform’s growth and the company’s flexibility and adding Portuguese, Koo amassed two and a half million new users within 10 days of its launch in Brazil. With a stable infrastructure in place to handle the influx of US users, the company has made migration easier than ever with the ability for users to import tweets and follower lists from their accounts. their previous account to a Koo account, eliminating the need to start from scratch.

“Let’s be honest. People don’t use social media to have far-leaning beliefs forced on them, and they’re not jumping to a new platform looking for a completely different experience than they’re used to. They use these platforms to engage with the community they’ve built and want to continue building. That’s what millions of new users are discovering with Koo, but significantly better of course; a simple, transparent and user-friendly platform where they can continue their conversations and interactions,”
Aprameya Radhakrishna, co-founder and CEO of Koo.

Additional new features that US users will experience with Koo include a completely free self-verification process to prove they are human. Koo is also available in more than 20 global languages ​​to enable a wider audience to use the platform in their respective native languages. Koo’s exclusive feature called Multilingual Kooing allows users to post in multiple languages ​​simultaneously and further emulates Koo’s goal of promoting digital inclusion.

Users can also take advantage of the 500 character limit, chat thread, the ability to upload up to 10 images and videos up to 512 MB in size for their posts, change the post feature, max. ’10 profile pictures, private messaging and the ability to sign up for Koos. (message) for easy access later.

“What’s happening today in the micro-blogging climate is unfortunate, and we’re proud to offer a safe space for alternative-seeking Americans, or anyone in the world really, to easily join and migrate to. We know what users are looking for in a micro-blogging platform, and we continue to innovate and establish Koo as the ideal solution,”
“Existing micro-blogging users will feel familiar when they use Koo. We have retained the core functionality they are used to with micro-blogs while adding many new features that they will love. We are the most inclusive social media platform and have built Koo with the mission of uniting the world despite language barriers. We truly enable the world to connect and interact with each other.”
Mayank Bidawatka, co-founder of Koo.

Koo has recently reached 60 million downloads worldwide and has users from over 100 countries around the world.

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