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Kiteworks Achieves Unparalleled Marketing Scale and Efficiencies With Generative AI Innovations


With a full-on, AI-enabled marketing campaign, a technology pioneer shows off their marketing prowess.

Kiteworks, which offers data privacy and compliance for sensitive information via its Private Content Network, recently revealed how its marketing division is utilising generative artificial intelligence (AI) for a variety of use cases to speed up go-to-market initiatives, foster stickier engagements with prospects and clients, and improve operational efficiencies. With the help of these generative AI advancements, Kiteworks was able to more than 12-fold its content production, double its inbound SEO traffic in less than four months, concentrate its sales development representatives on prospect-facing activities rather than spending hours on sales enablement training, and lay the groundwork for more than 500% faster localization of its entire website in German and French (source: internal calculations).

Less than half of business executives are investing in generative AI, and of those, only 30% have advanced past the exploratory stage, according to a recent Gartner study (“Gartner Poll Finds 45% of Executives Say ChatGPT Has Prompted an Increase in AI Investment,” Gartner Press Release, May 3, 2023). This is despite the enormous amount of hype surrounding AI since OpenAI’s much-hyped ChatGPT announcement last November. On the other hand, Kiteworks was a pioneer in discovering marketing use cases for generative AI and quickly saw quantifiable outcomes.

The following are a few of the most noteworthy usage cases:

Product Marketing:

By utilising ChatGPT4, the Product Marketing team at Kiteworks has been able to more than double the rate of content generation, from inspiration to delivery. Prospects and customers use assets directly on the Kiteworks website as well as when they interact with the sales and customer success teams (source: internal estimations).

Sales Enablement:

A ChatGPT4 chatbot that has been programmed with Kiteworks content allows sales development representatives (SDRs) to customise conversations with prospects and clients and to produce prompt responses to inquiries from both parties about the capabilities of Kiteworks and its integrations with other applications. SDRs are saving numerous hours of training time on Kiteworks security and compliance capabilities and integrations by using the chatbot.

Ask-Me-Anything Chatbots:

Two ChatGPT4-enabled chatbots that were trained on Kiteworks content can have real-time, customised discussions with prospects. Prospects can converse with Stu the Security Squirrel about security-related issues, while they can converse with Calvin the Compliance Cow about compliance-related issues.

Organic Intent-based Search:

In late 2022, Kiteworks started employing Quattr, a data-driven and AI-enabled SEO engine, to create intent-based content that increased content creation by more than a dozen times and boosted inbound organic search traffic. Quattr was utilised by Kiteworks to create authoritative, high-quality information that was then released as glossary and blog reference pieces. Secure file sharing, secure file transfer, secure email, FedRAMP Authorization issues, and many others are covered in the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 syllabus.

Streamlined Web Content Localization:

The process of localising website content traditionally can be laborious, expensive, and time-consuming. The marketing team is now able to rapidly and easily translate and publish individual webpages into various languages thanks to a translation application programming interface (API) that Kiteworks designed and that is driven by ChatGPT4. As a result, Kiteworks will be able to update and synchronise its German, French, and English websites in a matter of weeks rather than months, as would be the case with a typical localization technique.

Multimedia to Social Media:

By ingesting new blog posts, solution briefs, and other content assets into an AI-enabled tool that generates videos used for social media posts and captions for Kitecast (podcast) episodes and other videos, Kiteworks significantly reduced the time and cost to create videos based on them.

The core of Kiteworks’ marketing approach revolves around these and other generative AI use cases, which allow for marketing at scale with unrivalled efficiency as well as significantly increased brand awareness and engagement.

“Kiteworks is transformative in how we approach digital rights management by unifying, tracking, controlling, and securing all sensitive content communications within a Private Content Network”, “In today’s era of compliance, this content-defined zero-trust approach is a requisite. Driving brand awareness and engagement requires significant marketing resources to break through all the noise. Using generative AI, we’ve been able to achieve astonishing increases in marketing outputs and exponential efficiency gains. Generative AI must be a non-negotiable part of every business’s strategy, and our ability to execute and capitalize on numerous marketing use cases in a very short time frame provides us with a competitive advantage.”

Tim Freestone, Chief Marketing Officer, Kiteworks

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