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Havas Media Group Becomes First Agency Network to Implement Attention Data into Planning Tools on a Global Scale

Attention Data

Utilizing data from Lumen, Meaningful Marketplace Planner and Meaningful Social Matrix enable marketers to create attention-based client strategies that maximise efficiency and sustainability.

Havas Media Group (HMG) has added two custom tools to Converged, the agency network’s exclusive global identity-based audience planning platform, to further its industry-leading attention capabilities. These tools use the power of attention to create impactful media experiences. As the first agency network to do so globally, HMG has integrated attention data into planning tools, enabling investment in thoughtful, cost-effective, and sustainable media exposures.

Utilizing attention data from Lumen’s continuous eye-tracking panels, HMG’s new Meaningful Media Planner (MMP) ranks and rates over 9,000 domains at the format level for the average attention they are anticipated to offer. To create a thorough evaluation of media placements on metrics like viewability, attentive seconds, and view rate in relation to domain, device, media type, and format, this data is combined with domain safety vetting from SSP partners, DSP data, and Havas’ proprietary domain categorization algorithm. Planners can best target investment against the unique KPIs of a client’s campaign thanks to this richness of data.

The information comes after Lumen Research announced that it would work with Avocet to create a new category of attention. Lumen has been established as the leading attention-measurement platform in the market, capable of realising omni-channel measurement in a post-cookie world, thanks to a £3M funding round being led by FirstPartyCapital.

The Meaningful Social Matrix (MSM), a proprietary tool that evaluates social ad placements according to their attention in relation to cost and brand suitability, complements HMG’s MMP. MSM provides planners with a thorough understanding of the social ecosystem and helps them design a social campaign that is best for their clients by utilising proprietary platform and ad placement level attention data from Lumen, campaign performance KPIs aggregated from historical Havas owned data, and brand suitability scoring based on the Conscious Advertising Network’s manifesto.

“Attention optimization is a rare ‘win win’– consumers are delivered content that connects them to the causes and people they care most about, while brands have the opportunity to deliver their message more economically and sustainably”, “With MMP and MSM we’re bringing attention metrics into the planning phase, allowing marketers to make more strategic, informed decisions in selecting media sources that will deliver valued and trusted media experiences.”

Jon Waite, Global Managing Director, Mx Development

HMG’s dedication to attracting attention has complemented the company’s efforts to increase media investment ROI and sustainability by lowering tech costs and removing middlemen from the supply chain, boosting working media, and providing greater support for content creators. In comparison to 50–60% when purchasing on the open market, MMP curation and HMG’s supply path optimization were able to achieve 70–80% of every dollar spent ending with the publisher in tests across core markets.

In order to provide planners with fresh measures and insights on media efficacy, MMP and MSM are constantly being improved. A new version of these tools, which incorporates data from Scope3 to rank placements according to their carbon emissions, will be unveiled by HMG in Q4 of 2022.

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