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Globaledit DAM Predicts Sharp Increase in Video Components in eCommerce in 2023

Globaledit, the creative industry’s most trusted SaaS asset management system, sees a more than 20% increase in the use of video components in e-commerce marketing as it moves into 2023 Data from Globaledit shows that product videos are used across more marketing channels than e-commerce. photography, emphasizing the ROI of video content. Globaledit is owned by CoCreativ, the market leader in comprehensive creative production services.

“We are seeing a growth in video content even for PDPs (Product Detail Page), and right now when we look at the data in Globaledit, it shows that 18% of SKUs are getting a video component,”
“Our clients tell us that their 2023 budget will include an additional 15% to 20% of SKUs getting a video for their eCommerce website, so the growth of eCommerce video production is just in its infancy.”
Globaledit and CoCreativ CEO Mathieu Champigny.

Content data uploaded to the Globaledit system is categorized and identifiable within the system by content type. As a result, Globaledit can quantify video content gains compared to other forms of marketing or sales content.

Studies conducted in 2022 have highlighted the importance of video content for the consumer experience, from a basic understanding of a product to developing trust in the quality and attractiveness of a product. products, to build a close relationship with the brand. Around 85% of respondents globally said that video is essential when shopping online.

“Product and brand videos have a clear advantage over still photography, not only because of the higher engagement they generate, but also because of the repurposing and cross-channel usage they allow. The ROI for Marketing departments is exponential and we see this as a big agency spend driver, both in our agency Industrial Color and in usage in Globaledit ”
Globaledit and CoCreativ CEO Mathieu Champigny.
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