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FullStory B2B Survey: Digital Experience (DX) Professionals Face Critical Data Gap

Digital Experience

Global research demonstrates that as budgets are cut and performance requirements are raised, product and CX teams need to find better ways to record, interpret, and respond to consumer behavior.

While almost three-quarters (73%) of DX professionals claim that their company has a clear, consistent strategy for the digital experience, the majority still rely on intuition and gut feeling to make important decisions, and 58% think they are falling behind rivals in the use of AI for the optimization of the digital experience. According to FullStory’s DX data and analytics platform’s latest analysis on digital expectations and realities, this is the case.

According to a recent research of 700 worldwide DX experts, 43% of them do not clearly understand client preferences across all of their websites and apps. 50% of DX professionals claim to have no clear understanding of their consumers’ online behavior, while 62% claim to be unaware of their customers’ opinions and beliefs. For those striving to comprehend client thoughts and moods, this percentage increases to 73%.

With 81% of respondents stating they have no clear view of when their consumers are upset in apps or online, it is challenging for businesses to meet their digital objectives and improve customer experiences.

This gap is crucial because product, UX, CX, and marketing experts are under scrutiny as we approach the holidays and the new year. Despite facing budget constraints in 51% of cases, 79% of survey respondents claim their business goals have increased for the coming year. As a result, 66% said they’ll have to work more with less resources.

Fill the DX data gap

According to the poll, the biggest barrier to customer knowledge is the discrepancy between the thorough, complete data that DX teams require and the data that teams are able to collect. A third (33%) of respondents to the study claim that they do not have a lone, trustworthy “source of truth” to guide their efforts. And two-thirds (67%) say they frequently need to re-tag their website or mobile application when new queries come up.

These issues are made more difficult by data silos; according to 28% of respondents, the appropriate team members can’t easily access the DX data they need to make decisions. Nearly a third (30%) also concur that due to jumbled systems and unstable technology, teams wind up duplicating work without realizing it.

71% of DX professionals are investing in DX insights and analytics systems to address these problems, with 49% using a full-service DX analytics platform, 35% using “frustration signal analytics,” and 27% employing session replay technologies.

“Product and CX teams are under increasing pressure to deliver extraordinary experiences – effectively and efficiently. While most have clearly defined DX strategies, many still struggle to harness and use the data and insights required to bring these digital strategies to life.

“The good news is that DX pros who invest in complete data capture and actionable insights can gain a meaningful edge over their peers and the competition. The platforms that bring these data and insights together into a single source of truth are the future of this market.”

Lindsay Bayuk, CMO, FullStory


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