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BrightEdge and Oncrawl Create Industry’s First Intelligent System for SEO

BrightEdge and Oncrawl are combining best-in-class technologies to create a new intelligent system for search marketers. Research unveiled at Share22 reveals a new layer of insights is achievable, powered by the combination of SEO and Data Science. By connecting different data sets, marketers can now gain a new understanding that helps drive value faster and guides the development of future search marketing technology development.

Today’s data revolution is happening so fast that a lockstep change in technology is needed for marketers to make sense and extract value from all the information at their disposal. As McKinsey’s research acknowledges, companies that use data effectively are 23 times more likely to outperform their competitors.

To help marketers stay ahead in their industries, BrightEdge constantly innovates ahead of the market so they can evolve in line with major shifts. From the creation of the Data Cube in 2014 and the pioneering launch of real-time SEO with BrightEdge Instant in 2019, innovation and customer success are always BrightEdge’s number one priority.

Fast forward to 2022, and following on from the acquisition of OnCrawl earlier this year, the creation of a new intelligent system is unlocking a new level of insights never seen in our industry before. By bringing together best-of-breed technologies – BrightEdge SearchIQ and OnCrawl Data Science – both companies are revealing a new layer of insights that represent the future of SEO via new intelligent systems.

As a result, the types of findings can be highly insightful and help marketers make decisions and take action based on hard and specific industry data points – rather than generic one-size-fits best practices.

For example, new insights show how web experiences vary by industry.

  • In the retail industry, manufacturer product descriptions create too many duplicate content experiences.
  • Short and concise content win in the banking industry.
  • It is vital to create unique experiences with fast page speed in the insurance industry.
  • Focusing on unique scannable content (5-10 min read time) matters most in real estate.
The most critical challenge that marketers face today and in the future is making sense of all the data at their disposal, Data needs to be structured, and new patterns discovered to drive meaningful value. There are distinct differences between what matters in some markets compared to others. As a result, a new type of technology based on connected data sets is required to deliver unique and specific layers of intelligence that help marketers drive value even faster, and with less manual action.”
– BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu.

The new intelligent system combines data from BrightEdge Search IQ technology and Oncrawl’s Data Science modules. The convergence of SEO and Data Science and the birth of new intelligent systems represents a new future for the SEO and digital marketing community.


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