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BigCommerce Releases StagingPro to Help Enterprise Merchants and Agency Developers Accelerate Production-to-Market Cycles

BigCommerce, a leading Open SaaS eCommerce platform for fast-growing and established B2C and B2B brands, announced an exclusive tech partner integration of StagingPro, a comprehensive staging and deployment suite that gives enterprise merchants and agency developers a collaborative, near-production level environment to easily test and deploy code to a BigCommerce store.

“Enterprise merchants with complex implementations have a greater need for a true staging environment that is fast, collaborative and secure to meet the needs of developer teams to drive faster development-to-market cycles without risking the live production site,”
“StagingPro is an enterprise-built solution that delivers the flexibility and scalability that is dedicated to empowering teams with the freedom to innovate and removes the ceiling from what’s possible.”
Russell Klein, chief commercial officer at BigCommerce.

Designed specifically for BigCommerce, StagingPro provides an easy-to-use staging environment for merchants, resellers, and third-party developers to create one or more replica sandbox stores without duplication and duplication. work on the production shop. Teams can now efficiently manage every aspect of the build process, then test with confidence.

With StagingPro, teams will experience:

  • Accelerated Production-to-Market Cycles. Run multiple projects at once and save time with faster development and deployment cycles with enforced best practices to ensure projects are delivered on time. Real-time automated push, pull, change and error notifications help improve collaboration, transparency and teamwork.
  • Secure and Risk-Free Environment Replicas. Create replica staging websites with the same data as a production environment to securely test designs and catalogs, ensuring risk-free live deployments.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Teams, Tools and Workflows. The StagingPro platform can scale up to meet growing teams such as design, development and marketing, and integrates seamlessly with Github, Atlassian Jira and Microsoft that’s fully auditable with rollback capabilities.

As early beta users, Inviqa digital experience agents can access StagingPro for testing and feedback before it becomes widely available. With StagingPro, Inviqa gives customers a private playground to push changes and testing directly into their pre-production store environment with a single click and requires no technical knowledge. Customers can always revert all changes to revert to previous versions of their store without worrying or risking data loss or impacting their live production site.

“StagingPro is a game changer for how we collaborate with our clients. It’s incredibly feature-rich and can handle all content types such as promotions, products, categories and themes, synced in any direction. They’ve built out a developer-focused workflow where my team can really hone in on highly-skilled software engineering or deploy to quality assurance or promote to production with the confidence the changes will be the same each time,”
“Being able to deploy to multiple environments without having to go through the hassle of booting up your command line, doing the stencil push, having it all in one place and linking it to different GitHub actions and notifications, makes this the best staging solution I’ve ever used.”
James Cowie, e-commerce solutions architect at Inviqa.
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