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Animaker Launches AI-Powered Subtitles Generator, Introduces Powerful Features for Its 20 Million+ Users


Autosubtitle generator powered by AI that is one of a kind and supports subtitle generation in as many accents, dialects, and languages as possible to help users achieve their objectives more effectively.

Animaker Subtitles have been made available to its 20 million or more global users by the DIY SaaS creative tool Animaker. This one-of-a-kind auto subtitle generator powered by AI can generate subtitles in as many accents, dialects, and languages as possible, assisting users in better achieving their objectives. Auto Subtitle Generation in more than 35 languages and Auto Translation in more than 100 languages are two powerful features of Animaker Subtitles that are certain to address the most significant issue brought on by the diversity of languages across continents.

  • More than 150 fonts for formatting and stylizing your subtitles
  • More than 20 animation styles for your subtitles
  • Intelligent automatic subtitle correction
  • Auto-highlight of low-confidence words
  • 4K quality subtitled video export

“In our Journey, Animaker’s prime focus has always been to help anyone create studio-quality videos. As a result of this focus, we grew very quickly and simplified video-making for more than 20 million users globally.

While this is a big success, and it truly helped millions of users reach their video goals, we also became aware that some of our users weren’t reaching their goals. Looking deep into this, we realized that it was because there are more than 7000+ languages in the world, yet the video was made for audiences who spoke only one of these languages. So today, we are taking on a new additional mission, which is to help users make their videos more accessible, understandable, and shareable to any person on earth, irrespective of their language or dialect. As a first step in this mission, we are happy to introduce you to Animaker subtitles.”

Raghavan RS, Co-Founder & CEO, Animaker

For video creators who want their content to be easily shared, understood, and accessible, Animaker Subtitles is an excellent option. Additionally, the tool will make videos more accessible to viewers with hearing impairments.

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