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Acoustic Marketing Cloud Launches Multichannel Composer to Close the Digital Experience Gap

Acoustic Marketing Cloud today announced the release of Multichannel Composer, enabling brands to close the digital experience gap by empowering marketing teams of any size to easily orchestrate hyper-personalized campaigns to engage consumers at the moment. With an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, Multichannel Composer enables high-quality messages to be created for campaigns across traditional and emerging channels – email, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, and more – without the need for code or developer support. The result: better marketing outcomes with increased productivity and organizational independence. Multichannel Composer is only available through the Acoustic Marketing Cloud.

As consumers shift to digital-first experiences, it’s essential for businesses to deliver personalized and connected experiences at each stage of the customer journey, With our drag-and-drop interface, we deliver enterprise-grade capabilities that help marketers be more efficient, effective, and relevant. Now, brands can engage with consumers through a privacy-first, multichannel approach to boost brand awareness, and loyalty and grow customer lifetime value. It is sophistication made simple.”
– Dennis Self, CEO of Acoustic.

According to McKinsey & Company, the majority of consumers will engage with multiple channels during the average customer journey. But many brands are constrained by a traditional, siloed channel approach that fails to deliver seamless experiences across a variety of channels and struggles to respond to fast-changing consumer behaviors. Acoustic’s Multichannel Composer enables brands to engage with consumers at each stage of their journey – easily composing campaigns with relevant messages and branding across preferred channels – with connected experiences that drive acquisition, engagement, retention, and ultimately, loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Multichannel Composer has helped our team be more efficient and effective by giving us the ability to seamlessly manage campaign creation in-house, without relying on the outside design or coding resources, With the drag-and-drop capability, we can quickly and easily create campaigns with our existing team.”
– Mary Ruxton, Direct Marketing Manager of Lakeland, a UK-based leader in kitchenware and home goods.

With Multichannel Composer, marketers can quickly create personalized, multi-channel campaigns at scale with the following benefits and capabilities:

  • Personalized content at scale: From simple, rules-based “if-then” scenarios to more complex data-driven content, Multichannel Composer supports the needs of all marketing teams to create hyper-personalized content – without involving technical or data teams.
  • Expanded multichannel engagement: Reach consumers across email, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, and through web forms with built-in, end-device previews. Android, iOS, and smartwatch previews are available for mobile messages specifically.
  • Zero-code composer: Intuitive interface with drag-and-drop capabilities to rapidly create high-quality, responsive messages across devices, without coding or developer support. Content can be seamlessly re-used across channels.
  • Forms for privacy-first personalization: Capture zero-party data with web form composing capabilities, enabling marketers to create engaging campaigns based on consumer preferences.
  • Self-serve segmentation: Easily create granular segmentations from available data sources – such as customer relationship management (CRM), customer data platform (CDP), or data management platform (DMP) solutions – without support from outside teams. Multichannel Composer is now available on the Acoustic Marketing Cloud.


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