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Zefr Expands TikTok Product to Provide Advertisers With Suitability Exclusions, in Collaboration with TikTok’s Inventory Filter


The TikTok Inventory Filter, a platform-exclusive brand appropriateness solution, enables Zefr’s international advertising partners to further their ethical marketing objectives on TikTok. Giving advertisers even more control and transparency when utilizing the TikTok Inventory Filter on campaigns, Zefr is supplying video-level signals to TikTok’s market-leading Inventory Filter to guide GARM Suitability improvements. In comparison to over-blocking content using antiquated techniques like keyword blocking or static inclusion lists, this collaborative process represents an evolution in brand appropriateness optimization.

Based on the GARM floor standards and across global campaigns, Zefr has measured a 99%+ brand safety rate on TikTok since its introduction in 2022. Beyond brand safety, this partnership will strengthen advertiser confidence in brand compatibility based on each definition of the GARM Brand compatibility standard. Throughout 2023, Zefr and TikTok will keep working together to improve these functionalities.

Without sacrificing scale, this first-to-market invention aims to make brand appropriateness optimization simpler. The TikTok Inventory Filter in TikTok Ads Manager allows Zefr’s international advertisers to choose their preferred pre-bid settings, and the dashboard of Zefr offers video-level transparency and reporting on ad adjacency, mapped to the GARM standards. Zefr will flag inappropriate content to TikTok if it is found in order to continuously improve brand compatibility.

“We’re excited to announce Zefr’s Suitability Signals are globally available in partnership with TIkTok’s Inventory Filters. This innovation marks another important step forward in the industry, providing Zefr’s global brands with transparency and optimization based on the GARM suitability standards.”

Rich Raddon, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Zefr

Zefr’s dedication to giving advertisers a complete picture of their brand compatibility on platforms, mapped to the industry-standard GARM standards, is furthered by the ongoing innovation in brand suitability on TikTok. With coverage across North America, Europe, the Middle East, APAC, and LATAM, Zefr’s global advertisers may now access and manage their campaigns in all areas where TikTok Inventory Filter is now available.


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