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Yotpo Announces Email Marketing For eCommerce Brands, Leveraging Full Platform Connections to Drive Retention

Email Marketing

Yotpo is pleased to provide a potent new email marketing solution that will assist eCommerce firms in retaining more consumers and generating more revenue from recurring transactions.

Yotpo Email, in contrast to other email marketing platforms, is integrated into a comprehensive suite of retention solutions, opening up special connections with additional products that let organisations provide a more consistent customer experience across all touchpoints. The fact that Yotpo Email and Yotpo SMS are fully integrated allows businesses to use their two most effective channels together.

With more than 2,500 brands actively utilising Yotpo Email and more than 500 million emails already sent along the customer journey, brands can now create distinctive experiences that not only drive revenue but also encourage repeat business from customers. The email marketing service from Yotpo has a lot of functions, like:

Deeper segmentation: With a single, integrated picture of the customer throughout the Yotpo platform, marketers are better able to comprehend consumer behaviour, find more chances to engage with them, and customise those interactions for greater impact. To genuinely create one-of-a-kind shopping experiences, brands can access all of their data in one location and unlock even more data points with Yotpo Loyalty, Reviews, and Subscriptions.

Interactions that are more personalised: Brands can go beyond merge tags to produce emails that are more distinctive at every turn. Brands can demonstrate to their customers that they truly understand them and increase engagement one email at a time with the help of AI-powered product recommendations targeted to each subscriber, dynamic loyalty statuses that encourage each customer to participate, and much more.

Strong SMS and email orchestration allows brands to reach out to every customer along the path to buy in the most seamless and effective way possible: at the appropriate moment, with the correct message, on their preferred channel. They are able to plan the ideal multichannel experience based on their engagement data, sending out timely, personalised messages and emails (without more effort!) and unmistakably identifying the money generated by each channel.

Emails with striking design that stick out in the inbox: A brand’s emails must be more compelling than those of its competitors given the fierce battle for customers’ attention. Yotpo Email makes it simple to construct on-brand, highly effective email marketing campaigns and automations, giving users back their time to concentrate on what really matters: their retention strategy. Several configurable features (like our unique Canva integration) may be used to quickly add compelling content. This makes it possible for brands to create revenue-generating emails more quickly than ever.

One of the first firms to move to Yotpo Email and take advantage of having SMS and email under one roof, together with Loyalty, Reviews, and Subscriptions, was the body care and natural cosmetics company Fat and the Moon. Additionally, they have witnessed a nearly double increase in their return customer rate since using the whole Yotpo platform to drive their marketing approach.

“Email is one of our strongest marketing channels, so the decision to switch providers was not made lightly”, “With the transition to Yotpo Email, we had a dedicated team behind us who came fully prepared with a strategy to help us get started almost immediately without interruption to our content calendar.”

Kelsey Davis, Marketing Operations Manager, Fat and the Moon

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