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Yahoo Mail Debuts AI Enhancements for a Smarter Inbox


Yahoo Mail AI enhancements include a new ‘Shopping Saver’ tool that automates savings for online shopping.

Yahoo introduced new AI capabilities for Yahoo Mail that expand on the company’s existing AI beta experience, including a brand-new shopping function called Shopping Saver. Yahoo is bringing innovation to the inbox and reinventing the user experience in order to save everyone time and money.

Shopping Saver, a feature exclusive to Yahoo Mail, finds long-forgotten gift cards, discount codes, and shop credits in user inboxes and drafts suggested messages to vendors to help apply those savings after a purchase has been made. Nearly half of all individuals in the United States have at least one unused gift card, gift voucher, or store credit, and Yahoo Mail customers can now cash in on their inbox.

“We’ve introduced a full suite of tools on Yahoo Mail to help users save time and money, making strides toward an assistive inbox”, “In total, US consumers have $23 billion in unused gift cards and credits, and we hope our new tools will help users gain a fraction of that back in their wallets.”

Josh Jacobson, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Yahoo Mail

Shopping Saver and other features are now accessible for Yahoo Mail’s AI beta experience, which was launched earlier this year for iOS users. The beta is now available on both iOS and web browsers in preparation for a general release.

The AI beta extension, powered by Google Cloud AI technology, also includes enhancements to several existing features:

Search now recommends frequent questions to help users find what they’re looking for, making the search experience more natural. Instead of depending purely on keywords or trawling through old emails, users may now just ask a question or choose from a selection of recommended queries related to their search terms, such as “how much did I spend on groceries last week?” Users can reduce search results even more by using new criteria (e.g., From, To, Date).

Writing Assistant creates proposed responses in the user’s voice, recognizing acceptable tones for the dialogue (e.g., professional, casual) based on context signals from current email chains. The beta extension expands the possible tones from two to an infinite number, allowing the user to select their chosen tone such as urgent, grateful, or sorry.

Message Summary displays high-level summaries of messages, emphasizing crucial information such as dates, timings, and action items. Following that, the program proposes tasks, calendar events, and follow-up subjects.

“We’re thrilled that Yahoo is deploying Google Cloud’s AI platform and tools to help transform Yahoo Mail with new services and features”, “AI is redefining consumer experiences, and for Yahoo users this means improved experiences shopping for deals, searching through emails, communicating more seamlessly, and more.”

Adaire Fox-Martin, President of Google Cloud Go-to-Market


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