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Wurl Launches ContentDiscovery to Help Streamers and Content Publishers Attract, Engage, and Retain Viewers at Massive Scale


For the first time, data-driven targeting and measurement are available in streaming advertising thanks to the machine learning-powered ad platform.

Wurl, a pioneer in data-driven CTV solutions, is proud to present ContentDiscovery, a machine learning-powered ad platform that helps publishers and streamers get subscribers and scale financially across channels. By advertising content that high-value viewers will want to watch across streaming applications and on mobile devices, ContentDiscovery locates them where they spend their time. This results in return on advertising spend (ROAS) never before seen on CTV due to great conversion rates, high engagement, and higher retention.

The introduction of ContentDiscovery coincides with an unprecedented influx of streaming channels and apps onto the market, making it more challenging for publishers and streamers to draw in new viewers. This has increased both competition for viewers and the probability that customers may cancel services and migrate to others, especially when combined with the launch of new subscriptions and free services.

“The streaming industry’s number-one challenge today is cost-effective discovery – finding the right viewers, engaging them effectively, and retaining them with content they will truly like”, “With ContentDiscovery, we’ve built a solution for streamers and publishers to spend their advertising budgets on high-value users who will actually convert and continue to engage with their content.”

Ron Gutman, CEO, Wurl

Using ContentDiscovery, content producers and streams can:
  • Identify high-value users who are prone to be fans of a certain programme.
  • Profitably scale campaigns that are tuned for down-funnel metric performance or yield.
  • Test particular advertising ideas and automatically adjust messages for best effect.
  • Campaigns that are 100% measurable let you track ROAS right away.
  • With the potential to advertise across a vast mobile supply and more than 3,000 CTV channels, connect people to content at scale. You can reach, engage, and keep viewers by using ContentDiscovery on a large scale.

The introduction of ContentDiscovery comes just one year after Wurl was purchased by AppLovin, a well-known marketing platform, in April 2022. Wurl has expanded the AppLovin innovation strategy for performance marketing on mobile to CTV with ContentDiscovery, utilising machine learning technologies to bring in more high-value viewers and help publishers and streamers generate more revenue.

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