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Wunderkind Launches WunderKIND Ads To Address Advertising’s Biggest Challenges


With a focus on the consumer experience, WunderKIND Ads promotes brand-safe environments to enable both publishers and advertisers to produce more engaged and worthwhile impressions.

Publishers and advertising partners can now create an unrivalled user-first ad experience with the support of Wunderkind, a leading digital marketing solution for performance marketing and advertising, with the launch of WunderKIND Ads.

The company’s Post Content Ads solution, which debuted in 2017, has been expanded with the introduction of WunderKIND Ads, which offers user-first ad experiences across a selected list of more than 200 top-tier publications. In order to give advertisers the flexibility to serve advertising to potential customers only after they have completed an online session, WunderKIND advertising makes use of the company’s patented technology that recognises real-time consumer behaviour. As a consequence, consumers receive a highly effective advertising experience that promotes brand safety while also increasing engagement and return on investment.

With partners in sophisticated analytics, the WunderKIND Ads solution now provides more ways to assess media success. Adelaide Attention Metrics encourage effective investment by making media quality more visible and going above and beyond viewability with their unique Attention Unit statistic. Clients can gain access to essential Add-to-Cart tracking through a relationship with SmartCommerce. With this launch, WunderKIND Ads will also be available in the United Kingdom and Canada.

With outstanding results, brands including Coca-Cola, Apple, KFC, IBM, Dell, Paramount, and many others have already started using WunderKIND advertisements. According to company research, WunderKIND Ads generate 30% more quality attention for advertisers, resulting in a market-leading gross CPM for publishers of $10 to $15.

“WunderKIND Ads delivered on a wide range of objectives for us; everything from upper funnel awareness and engagement down to lower funnel on-site actions, registrations and purchases. Having one partner that can deliver up and down the funnel has been critical to our brands’ success.”

Tito Flores III, Client Investment Lead, MediaCom

“While working across our Meta account, specifically focusing on our Facebook Gaming campaigns, we were facing a challenge of increasing mid-funnel engagements. Wunderkind immediately came to mind based on the success I’ve experienced with their units and inventory in the past. Ultimately, we ended up seeing great success with our mid-funnel campaign – driving high CTRs/VCRs (all above benchmarks) and ultimately a large percent increase in Facebook Gaming account signups, which was the client’s main KPI.”

Cody Crawford, Associate Director, Programmatic, Dentsu

“It’s super hard to find a partner that can drive full-funnel performance. But Wunderkind has been able to do all of that, like drive performance for a mid-funnel campaign, which high impact partners usually can’t do.”

Celina Jaggi, Associate Director, Programmatic, EssenceMediacom

“This is a monumental step forward for publishers, brands and consumers themselves”, “Traditional ads on publisher sites often disrupt the user experience, regularly causing them to exit out of an ad immediately and leave. WunderKIND Ads – available in a true programmatic fashion through any DSP in a biddable and unreserved manner – will not render on page load. Instead, we’re leaning in on our tech to recognize real-time behaviors to find and serve visitors at the best time available, giving advertisers more true qualified ad engagement and a better overall brand and publisher experience.”

Bill Ingram, CEO, Wunderkind

In response to a growing demand for more sophisticated advertising solutions that could handle many of the difficulties facing the industry right now, WunderKIND Ads was created. 95% of consumers consider advertisements to be intrusive, according to the recently published Kindness In Advertising Report evaluating consumer perceptions towards the online advertising experience. Another 92% believe that over the past five years, digital adverts have become more obtrusive.

However, marketing that shows more consideration for the user experience is more well-received. 68 percent of consumers indicated they are most likely to interact with an advertisement when entirely disengaged from content, and 60 percent stated they would rather only view advertisements after they had completed interacting with publisher content.

It is obvious that the way advertisements are displayed to internet viewers is equally (if not more) significant than the ads’ actual substance. By only showing relevant adverts to internet users once they have concluded their browsing, WunderKIND adverts address this reality.

Effective advertising is kind advertising. The WunderKIND Ads make this commitment.

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