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Wix Launches SEO Dashboard, with Integrated Reports from Google Search Console, For Users to Manage Their SEO from One Place


The SEO Dashboard makes Google Search Console reports, insights, and tools available to Wix users, further democratising access to crucial SEO data.

With access to content from the Wix Education Hub that has been carefully selected based on site activity and user competency, Ltd.’s SEO Dashboard offers a variety of sophisticated tools to assist with putting changes into practice. Users of all skill levels have the tools they need to execute their SEO strategy and streamline their workflow by combining the tools they need to manage their SEO, insightful data and reports from Google, and specialized educational materials.

Users have access to a snapshot of their Google Search Console data from within the SEO Dashboard. Users can view site clicks and impressions and contrast them with earlier time frames. They can filter the data based on impressions and clicks to determine which of their pages are receiving more traffic and which should be optimised better. They can gain insights on changes in terms of inquiries and impressions. Users can access an in-depth report in Wix Analytics by clicking the “view complete report” link for a closer look.

The complete reports contain:

Top Google Searches:

Users can examine search query data to determine how well their websites perform for various Google searches and to keep tabs on the questions that led to impressions in Google’s organic search results.

Top Pages in Google Search Results:

Users can simply track the pages that their site receives the most traffic from Google’s organic search results as well as the queries that led to those impressions. Users may gain a deeper idea of where impressions and clicks are coming from as well as the keywords that are generating that traffic thanks to these insights on certain pages.

“We’re dedicated to providing our users and SEO professionals with the tools they need for seamless workflows in order for them to achieve their business goals, build brand awareness and drive traffic to their site”, ” The SEO Dashboard, with the extended integration with Google Search Console, aligns with our mission to help users at any skill level understand how their site is performing, and help inform them on what needs their attention. We look forward to developing more features, adding additional reports  and actionable insights to help our users in their optimization process.”

Einat Hoobian-Seybold, SEO Product Lead, Wix

“We’re excited to bring important stats and functionality about the value of Google Search directly to Wix’s Dashboard”, “This integration will help Wix site owners understand how people are finding them on Search and optimize how their website contributes to their business goals. We look forward to bringing even more useful insights to where business owners and content creators already are — their own site.”

Mariya Moeva, Senior Product Manager, Search

The advent of the SEO Dashboard, a one location for everything SEO-related, was announced today by a top worldwide SaaS platform to build, maintain, and expand an online presence. This contains SEO tools, instructional resources catered to various skill levels, and a new Google Search Console integration, which offers useful data on site performance on search results.

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