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WideOrbit Announces Next-Generation Cross-Media, Browser-Based Ad Sales Solution Enabling Smarter Selling from Anywhere


The business’s next-generation media sales product, WO Fusion, is concentrated on cross-media, multi-market ad sales.

The debut of WO Fusion, a next-generation sales platform that delivers a scalable solution for broadcast TV and radio, as well as cable and broadcast network sales teams, was announced by WideOrbit, an industry leader in linear and digital inventory and revenue workflow management. WO Fusion is a platform for cross-media, multi-market ad sales that supports alternative audience measurement currencies by utilising secure, encrypted, browser-based toolsets. In order to provide a unified media ecosystem that centralises sales operations and avoids duplications throughout the whole sales process, digital and linear, WO Fusion builds upon the company’s flagship broadcast TV media sales product, WO Media Sales, at launch.

A single, unified picture of all incoming demand across digital, linear, and reach extension buys from both automated and manual channels is provided to Sales teams via WO Fusion. WO Fusion assists media businesses in creating cross-media, multi-market proposals by providing a comprehensive view of demand and utilising dynamic rate card features to match the high standards of buyers while maximising revenue for sellers.

The platform also supports alternative audience measurement currencies and provides near real-time campaign performance data, enabling crucial campaign optimisation through the facilitation of the reallocation of spots, impressions, and/or budget dollars between media kinds and markets.

The open design of WO Fusion is API-based, enabling thorough integrations with linear traffic and digital ad serving platforms to reduce duplicate data entry, avoid mistakes, and streamline the billing process. By automating workflows between buyers and sellers and allowing sellers to control the entire sales process from a single application, integrations with top agency systems further increase productivity.

“WO Fusion truly delivers what the industry has been asking for – the ability for a Sales team to plan and sell across multiple media types, in a common audience currency, to deliver outcomes that advertisers want and need”, “We believe that our growth is limited only by our customers’ satisfaction and this product is a culmination of our team’s innovation, driven by client feedback and demand.”

Eric Mathewson, Founder and CEO, WideOrbit

WideOrbit is dedicated to investing in their core media sales product and finding new, creative methods to assist media firms as they traverse a fast evolving industry landscape. They work directly with their customers to deliver new features and updates that streamline current procedures. Overnights Research, Universal Product Catalogue, Smart Rate Cards, Opportunity Management, and Basic Local and National Multi-Market Proposals are some of the WO Fusion products that are now available for broadcast TV sales teams.

The future of cross-media sales was defined by WO Fusion, while the future of broadcast TV sales was defined by WO Media Sales. If you’d like to meet with us at NAB Show 2023 or at a later time to learn more about WO Fusion, including how to upgrade if you already use WO Media Sales, please get in touch with WideOrbit.

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