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Well Planned Web Partners With PathFactory To Provide Innovative Marketing Solutions That Will Drive Better Content Engagement For B2B Businesses


By combining the hyper-relevant content from Well Planned Web with the B2B Content Intelligence platform from PathFactory, businesses can accelerate their customer journeys and link content to sales.

Today, Well Planned Web, a renowned content marketing firm, and PathFactory, the top B2B content intelligence platform, announced a new alliance. By offering personalised content experiences, this alliance will help B2B-focused companies boost productivity, scale across marketing channels, and the velocity of their sales funnels.

“We are thrilled to partner with Well Planned Web and bring our customers a powerful set of tools that will drive better engagement and ROI”, “Well Planned Web is known for its innovative marketing strategies and deep expertise in digital marketing and content, and we’re excited to combine our content intelligence platform with their marketing know-how to create new solutions that help B2B businesses achieve their revenue goals.”

Dev Ganesan, CEO and President, PathFactory

As part of the collaboration, Well Planned Web will use the content intelligence platform from PathFactory to provide clients with personalised content experiences. Businesses will be able to do this and give the appropriate message to the appropriate person at the appropriate moment, which will boost engagement, increase revenue, improve customer loyalty, and provide real chances to finish the attribution loop.

“We are excited to partner with PathFactory and bring our clients a new level of content personalization and engagement”, “By leveraging PathFactory’s content intelligence platform, we can help businesses create exceptional content experiences that drive results.”

Deana Goldasich, CEO, Well Planned Web

Through the use of AI-powered solutions that assist go-to-market teams in more effectively targeting, nurturing, and converting prospects, the partnership between PathFactory and Well Planned Web offers a significant advancement for companies aiming to improve their current content marketing strategy and martech stack. ABM/ABX, content strategy, and lead creation are just a few of the use cases for which the combined solution will be useful.

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