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USA/Canada Marketing Services | Online Growth Consulting Firms Merger Announced

Canada’s ENG2 and US-based Inches Make Miles have proven themselves in their national markets and are now eager to combine their experience and resources to provide their coaching, consulting, and marketing services to clients across both countries.

The announcement of the merger comes at the end of a particularly bumper year for both businesses in 2021. As the CEOs of the two companies look to the future, they have a shared vision for how to expand their reach, revolutionize branding and create up-and-coming thought leaders.

ENG2 is currently headed by CEO and founder Jean Louis Hardy, a highly experienced growth consultant. During his tenure as the head of ENG2, he has taken multiple companies from inception to the point of multi-million dollar turnover and profitability. In his illustrious career, he has also worked as a business builder and consultant for one of Canada’s leading telecom firms.

Hardy is particularly enthused to be joining forces with James Gamet, the CEO of Inches Make Miles. Gamet is an award-winning public relations figure with a wealth of connections at some of the world’s biggest media outlets and with some of the biggest industry influencers, including Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur Inc. and more. He now steps into his new role as Executive Director of Public Relations at ENG2.

ENG2 currently focuses on providing custom marketing solutions and management structures that boost the profitability of e-commerce businesses. They have a proven track record of increasing profits by 4 to 10 times. Inches Make Miles currently offers it’s over 100 active and loyal clients a suite of specialist digital marketing and public relations services.

With the merger, the companies will be able to expand their expertise and reach, providing more comprehensive assistance than ever to both existing and new clients. They are also proud to be stepping into the realm of authority branding and influence.

A merger between ENG2 and Inches Make Miles LLC. is happening now. With powerhouse CEOs like James and Jean together, they are already starting to revolutionize branding and how consultants display their authority online. They will make changes for coaches, consultants, and influencers in a way that will display them as the thought leaders that they deserve to be.”
A spokesperson for the CEOs



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