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Traackr Elevates Influencer Marketing Benchmarking with Beauty and Fashion Leaderboards


Traackr’s Leaderboards give brands competitive insight to measure and scale influencer marketing efforts thanks to the Brand Vitality Score (VIT) technology.

Traackr, the top performance-driven influencer marketing platform, today announced new competitive benchmarks, enabling beauty and fashion brands to compare their influencer marketing performance against rivals, following the launch of the Brand Vitality Score (VIT) in 2019 as the new gold standard for influencer marketing measurement. Traackr’s monthly Beauty and Fashion Leaderboards rank the top 2,833 beauty brands and 837 fashion brands by VIT in the U.S., U.K., and France and point out specific areas for firms to enhance performance. They are now freely accessible to the public on

Through the VIT framework, Traackr has assisted well-known fashion and beauty companies including Dove, L’Oréal, Pandora, Shiseido, and UGG in analyzing, improving, and expanding their influencer programs. All fashion and beauty firms that are interested in learning how to maximize the performance of their initiatives may now access this competitive knowledge thanks to the public Leaderboards. Marketers may look up their brand on the Leaderboard to discover how important metrics such as: rank them and how they compare to other leading brands.

  • How many distinct influencers discuss a particular brand
  • The number of times each influencer is mentioned
  • audience size on average (reach per mention)
  • (VIT per reach) VIT rate

“As a global lifestyle brand that focuses on elevated consumer experiences and marketplace management, efficiency and efficacy in our influencer marketing program are paramount”, “Our team has integrated Traackr’s VIT metric as one of the many metrics that we use in order to analyze performance, set goals and hone our strategies. We use VIT to benchmark our performance against competitors, seeing how we’re pacing at a macro level and comparing with their VIT drivers. Traackr’s insights are proving to be a valuable resource as we measure our influencer marketing strategies and performance.”

Roberta Cammisa, Head of EMEA PR, UGG

Because earned media value is unrelated to ROI or sales, it has shown to be a poor statistic for assessing influencer marketing. Traackr developed VIT in order to provide practitioners of influencer marketing with transparency and granularity so they can link their actions to the effectiveness of their program. Visibility (reach of content), Impact (engagement generated), and Brand Trust (quality of content on brand image) are the three metrics that matter. VIT, which may be used as a larger framework for enhancing influencer marketing, was the first statistic specifically created to evaluate a brand’s effectiveness across influencer material.

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to influencer marketing, and VIT illuminates the different paths to success”, “Based on VIT, Leaderboards give marketers a roadmap to success, shining a light on where they underperform and where investment is paying off, so they can adjust and keep improving. Leaderboards can help marketers make tough decisions about where and how much to spend to maximize influencer marketing ROI.”

Pierre-Loïc Assayag, CEO and co-founder, Traackr

Marketers may see how their brand performs over time and which levers (such activity levels, audience size, and content performance) they can pull to better their strategies by using Traackr’s Leaderboards as an example of the actionable information available to them in its platform. Marketers may examine their VIT ranking on the Beauty and Fashion Leaderboards at by entering their brand, area, and industry.


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