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Storyblok’s Content Management System Delivered 582% ROI for Customers That Modernized Their Content Operations


Clients who managed and scaled their content using Storyblok’s CMS had a 582% return on investment over a 3 year and roughly 6 month payback time. Significant commercial benefits are also discovered by research:

  • $1.6M was saved by using a single source for content management.
  • 3x increase in production due to increased efficiency from the deployment setup
  • scalable content operations improve user experience

The market-leading content management system (CMS) provider Storyblok has released the results of a Total Economic ImpactTM study it commissioned from Forrester Consulting, a division of the renowned global research and advisory firm Forrester Research. Storyblok empowers marketing teams and developers to build better content experiences across all digital channels. The study, conducted on behalf of Storyblok, found that Storyblok’s CMS generated a 582% ROI over a three-year period and paid for itself in less than six months for a composite company representative of interviewed clients.

“The amazing customer ratings and stories we have heard have always been a great indicator that businesses get a significant return on investment from managing their content with Storyblok. At a time when more businesses are scrutinizing traditional CMS platforms and exploring how a composable, headless CMS setup helps them with content operations and creating content at scale, we believe this Forrester study proves that Storyblok is a smart CMS investment.”

Dominik Angerer, Co-Founder and CEO, Storyblok

The TEI study was created by Forrester Consulting based on interviews with four firms who use Storyblok. A composite organization with at least 5,000 people (250 developers and 250 content creators) and $800 million in yearly sales was created by combining the traits and results.

“Since we’ve been using Storyblok, there’s been a boost in productivity, three times faster than the previous system. Even more than that, it’s enabling us to tell better stories to our customers in a quality way,” said the Head of Digitization at a Telco who was interviewed as part of the study. As a result, the surveyed organizations reported customers are spending more time on their websites because they’re more engaged due to the regularity in which updates are made.

The interviewees’ firms were utilising a combination of conventional CMSs and/or a custom-built monolithic environment that required a lot of maintenance before investing in Storyblok’s CMS. To keep up with the frequent barrage of content modifications, revisions to customer-facing material on any channel took far too long overall.

“Storyblok’s capabilities around a composable architecture, visual editing, collaboration, workflows, and omnichannel publishing make creating and managing content more enjoyable for all teams, plus audiences enjoy better digital experiences. To us, the fact that this modern approach to content management also enabled cost savings and business benefits shows that now is the time for businesses to future-proof their content operations. Using Storyblok paid back its investment.”

Dominik Angerer, Co-Founder and CEO, Storyblok

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