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Sprinklr Teams With Salesforce To Unify CXM and CRM


What happens when the world’s top experts in CRM and CXM collaborate.

The technologies and procedures that brands employ to manage the most crucial component of their businesses, their customers, are known by several acronyms.

Customer experience management (CXM) and customer relationship management (CRM), two of the most popular, cover a broad spectrum of technology and knowledge. CXM and CRM function in separate silos for many of the largest firms in the world, despite being related.

With customer expectations evolving quickly, this is unsustainable.

What transpires then when the world leader in Unified-CXM and the world top in CRM combine?

“Connecting with customers across the digital platforms they choose is critical for businesses digitally transforming”, “We are thrilled to be working with Sprinklr to help companies create a truly unified view of their customers.”

Amy Gorman, Vice President of ISV Sales, Salesforce.

Combining CRM with CXM

The industry leader in CRM, or handling leads and customer interactions within a company, is Salesforce. In order to make information about every customer interaction available to anyone at your company who might need it, primarily sales and marketing teams, CRM is primarily focused on helping brands develop and manage relationships internally.

Sprinklr is the industry pioneer in Unified Customer Experience Management (Unified-CXM), which involves controlling how consumers interact with and experience a brand through third-party channels. Creating content, participating on social media platforms, and listening to brand-relevant online conversations are all examples of this.

Petabytes of structured and unstructured data are ingested by the Sprinklr Unified-CXM from customer interactions on more than 30 external channels, including phone systems, chat apps, social media platforms, review sites, customer service platforms, and many others. Sprinklr actively evaluates all of that data using AI, giving the business insights on how to gauge and enhance user experience. Additionally, Sprinklr offers businesses the only unified platform for producing both paid and unpaid advertising and content to engage with consumers on third-party platforms like social media.

Since 2017, our team has been collaborating directly with Salesforce to continually enhance our integrations. We can aid organisations in uniting CXM and CRM and delivering a truly comprehensive view of the customer thanks to the expanded partnership announced today and our collaboration with strategic go-to-market (GTM) partners like Accenture.

Customers can access Salesforce and Sprinklr together to :

  • Connect real-time, social, unstructured data to the consumer data platform (CDP)
  • Enhance social intelligence in the processes of product creation, marketing, and care.
  • reduce the barrier between brands and their customers
  • Maximize the return on your investments in IT platforms.

Global GTM Approach

Through this alliance, Salesforce, Sprinklr, and Accenture will collaborate to find shared accounts and market joint solutions to large-scale corporate clients worldwide.

“At Accenture, we are being asked more and more how to bring technology together – and how to structure organizations more effectively – to streamline technology deployments, maximize ROI, and deliver results both internally and externally”, “Accenture Song continues to be on the leading edge of harnessing the on-going technology revolution with its deep understanding of customers and enterprises to create new growth frontiers and opportunities. Our expanded relationship with Sprinklr and Salesforce will help our shared customers to continually collect data, extract insights, and act in a timely way to deliver exceptional modern experiences.”

Robert Harles, managing director and global lead social media & emerging channels, Accenture Song.

“Sprinklr has been helping enterprises gain visibility into customer support issues and contact info through our integration to Salesforce for over 5 years. Now the integration has grown into a partnership.”

Doug Balut, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances, Sprinklr

Previously, our shared customers could leverage Sprinklr and Salesforce platforms through integrations. Moving forward, the companies and their field sellers will actively partner to help the world’s largest enterprises adopt a unified approach to CXM and CRM to provide better customer experiences and improved results for the business.

“Sprinklr is looking forward to teaming with Salesforce and our partners like Accenture to help more enterprises eliminate operational inefficiencies, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences.”

Doug Balut, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances, Sprinklr

Social media engagement, listening, and publishing

The scope and scale of engaging across social media channels in international markets, across languages, and with various regulatory requirements present special challenges for large businesses. The social media solutions from Sprinklr were developed in collaboration with some of the most recognisable brands in the world to help make sure every customer conversation on more than 30 digital channels is on-time, on-brand, and on-point.

Sprinklr is now in a better position to assist enterprise customers who want to switch from Salesforce Social Studio, which is close to being discontinued. As part of an integrated CXM and CRM strategy, Salesforce customers can easily manage social media through the Sprinklr Unified-CXM platform.

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