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Sendbird and LiveRamp Partner to Enable Marketers to Personalize Every Experience by Connecting First-Party Data While Enhancing Privacy


Sendbird, a platform for in-app conversations with more than 300 million monthly active users, today announced a new partnership with LiveRamp, the premier platform for data collaboration, to allow joint customers to make use of their highly valuable first-party data to customize in-app chat and messaging while maintaining user privacy. LiveRamp’s identity foundation can now be used to provide tailored experiences for joint clients of Sendbird and LiveRamp, who also gain access to increased analysis and evaluation. Marketers can now combine media exposure logs with marketing technology exposure logs for the first time to provide a more comprehensive picture of the consumer journey.

Through this collaboration, marketing and product teams can link their first-party data with LiveRamp, then use Sendbird’s in-app chat and messaging to learn more about and interact with their target audiences. The core identity of LiveRamp provides the most connectedness across the widest range of open web channels, including the most connected partners. Because every encounter is quantifiable because to LiveRamp’s identity, marketers can connect in-app messaging and chat experiences with offline data, including in-store purchases, and media exposures to build an anonymized picture of the entire consumer journey. It is more crucial than ever for brands to resort to new technologies for trust, reach, measurement, and optimization as businesses are forced to embrace addressability without cookies and mobile IDs. In order to aid, Sendbird and LiveRamp have a cooperation.

“First-party data is the holy grail for marketers and product teams as we shift towards a cookieless future”, “By partnering with LiveRamp, we can help our customers make informed decisions and create new, highly engaging brand experiences in a manner that continues to safeguard consumer privacy.”

John S. Kim, CEO and Co-founder, Sendbird

Sendbird powers more than 85 billion consumer interactions annually on behalf of close to 4,000 apps. These signals, which range from in-app communications to interperson video conversations to user actions brought on by notifications, add to the image of each client and their preferences.

“Every brand has countless consumer touchpoints, and our integration with Sendbird will help to further reach customers at the right time in their journeys, now including in-app chat and messaging”, “By partnering with Sendbird, we’re enabling marketers to give customers the personalized and convenient experiences they expect, across more channels than ever before.”

Travis Clinger, SVP, Activations & Addressability, LiveRamp


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