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Sendbird Adds AI-Powered SmartAssistant to Salesforce Connector for Fast and Personalized Support Interactions


The newest product improves client experiences with the incorporation of conversational AI chatbots.

The corporate Salesforce Connector has entered general availability (GA), bringing efficiency-driving improvements for customer care teams, according to Sendbird, the communications API platform that powers 4,000 apps and 300 million monthly users. A number of new features are added in this update, including the Sendbird SmartAssistant, a novel conversational AI solution. The Salesforce Connector, a component of Sendbird’s market-leading communications platform, enables any company to expand Salesforce Service Cloud’s capabilities in order to provide clients with a superior live chat support experience. A configurable, no-code generative AI chatbot that can be easily integrated into business assistance workflows is now available with Sendbird SmartAssistant. Directly within a company’s mobile app, conversations become more rewarding and rich.

“Salesforce Connector changes the game for customer support”, “Agents have all of the tools and answers they need right at their fingertips to solve even the most complex problems with ease. And with SmartAssistant, agents can help more customers than ever before with new levels of personalization and efficiency.”

John S. Kim, CEO and Co-founder, Sendbird

Salesforce Connector offers enhanced chat features including rich media attachments, picture moderation, webhooks, and an end-user experience that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of businesses. With the addition of the AI chatbot SmartAssistant, Sendbird can now respond to customer assistance questions with even higher-caliber responses. Throughout the customer support experience, SmartAssistant for Salesforce Connector offers helpful and human-like responses, whether it is addressing frequently asked questions or troubleshooting product difficulties.

Users can use first-party data with high value thanks to Sendbird’s innovative generative AI solution for support interactions. Without OpenAI credentials, anyone may now simply develop AI knowledge chatbots. As a result, customers’ demands can be swiftly met through customised, human-like chatbot chats, increasing agent effectiveness.

The new integration enhances and expands upon the Summarize function of Salesforce Connector. The Salesforce Connector tool now includes what was conceptually tested during the beta stage and is an important, valuable component. Agents no longer have to read the full support chat conversation from the beginning in order to give their users the finest, most quick service possible thanks to Summarize, which is powered by ChatGPT.

New Moderation features were added to Sendbird along with SmartAssistant and Summarize. Organizations may conveniently manage message users and content from a single dashboard. They can use Salesforce Connector to assess the degree to which language, photos, and other content are appropriate for their applications by using the available filters and moderation techniques. Users gain from Auto-Translation, which transforms received communications into an agent’s preferred language within the case chat. This feature is provided by Salesforce Connector.

In contrast to other chat platforms, which might take weeks to integrate, Sendbird Salesforce Connector offers enterprises an out-of-the-box solution with easy, almost instantaneous connection. This results in a quicker time to value. Additionally, because it is a cloud-based solution, the tool is continuously updated without affecting the user experience or placing any expectations on teams for management.


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