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Recruitics Launches its Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) for Staffing and Direct Employers

Marketing Platform

Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) for Staffing and Direct Employers

Advanced programmatic buying technology from Recruitics and advertising automation enable the delivery of scaled, cost-efficient, and targeted recruitment campaigns worldwide.

The data-driven recruitment marketing company Recruitics is pleased to announce that the Automatic Marketing Platform (AMP) is now available for all customers and businesses, including staffing firms and direct employers, after successfully completing its beta phase.

AMP is a cutting-edge programmatic job advertising platform that actively balances market-level labor supply and employer demand to optimise cost-per-application (CPA) efficiency and applicant volume velocity. The algorithmic bidding and advertising automation capabilities of AMP, which is designed specifically for big volume recruiting, allow companies to simultaneously obtain optimal applicant flows from pay-for-performance job sites across hundreds or thousands of global markets.

The AMP from Recruitics enables unmatched value delivery, consistency, and predictability across various employment needs in numerous locations at once. AMP develops a high-level strategy that customizes applicant flow to each employer’s particular talent acquisition needs and geographic regions using customer-specific algorithms and recruiting goal frameworks. Additionally, the platform allows recruiters to develop automated recruitment campaigns that are customised to each unique requirement by customizing jobs, market definitions, algorithms, and goal structures.

One of AMP’s key benefits is automation, which makes recruitment advertising scalable and quicker by doing away with manual tasks like entering campaign data or altering settings. Employers can concentrate on identifying their needs while AMP handles the heavy lifting on an unprecedented scale thanks to automation, which handles all the labor-intensive tasks. Improved ROI, time savings, and hiring predictability across markets and positions are the outcomes.

For businesses that hire many people, the AMP solution gives them a distinct competitive advantage. When focusing on both active and passive candidates, it gives flexibility and personalization. It is a game-changer for companies looking to maximise campaign performance to quality applications, hires, starts, or placements since its algorithms combine down-funnel quality signals. Using AMP’s adaptable architecture, employers can customize tasks, market definitions, algorithms, and goal structures.

“Our Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) is the most advanced recruitment advertising technology available in the industry. By leveraging programmatic buying algorithms, our iON data platform, and our performance analytics capabilities, AMP creates and maintains optimal candidate flow across hundreds of markets at once – at peak efficiency. AMP is capable of delivering performance beyond our client’s best expectations, and we are very excited to make this technology available to staffing and direct employers today.”

Adam Stafford, CEO, Recruitics

With the use of market-supply and demand-driven algorithms and tailored recruitment strategies, AMP assists employers in achieving their hiring objectives. The public release of AMP redefines programmatic recruitment marketing’s state-of-the-art.

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