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Phrasee Introduces AI Content Engine, Powering Superior, On-brand Content Generation for the World’s Leading Brands


With enterprise-grade controls, Phrasee’s end-to-end platform creates, optimises, personalises, and analyses AI content all in one.

Phrasee, a comprehensive AI content platform for corporate marketers, unveiled its market-leading content creation tools to go along with its AI-powered optimisation tool that aids in improving results.

Phrasee’s Content Engine, in contrast to other generative AI tools, combines the strength of large language models (LLMs) with its unique controlled natural language generation (NLG). Through the use of customised, no-code workflows, marketers can now create on-brand, high-performing content for any marketing use case.

While many tools are rushing to join the generative AI bandwagon, Phrasee has been honing the art of AI content generation for eight years, refining its platform to optimise interaction by adjusting AI content to a brand’s tone of voice. The Phrasee AI Content Engine makes use of deep learning, which is trained on a special data set comprising thousands of tests and billions of marketing data points, to produce higher-quality creative output that is demonstrated to work.

“We live in a world where anyone can create content on demand through LLMs and a simple, chat-based interface, but just because it’s created, doesn’t mean it’s good”, “Good content engages the target audience, builds brand recognition, and most importantly, drives results. We envision a future where the world’s top brands drive awesome marketing results through AI. And the Phrasee platform is doing exactly that today for our customers around the world.”

Parry Malm, CEO and co-founder, Phrasee

The entire gamut of AI content capabilities, including generation, optimisation, personalization, and performance insights, is exclusively offered by Phrasee. Industry-leading brand controls are used to craft the content produced by Phrasee, and performance is enhanced through deep learning and automated testing.

Phrasee assists business marketers in getting better results by:
generating large-scale content

Across the whole digital customer experience, including emails, product descriptions, advertising, social media postings, articles/blogs, push and SMS messaging, and web/app copy, Phrasee gives marketing teams unrestricted creative freedom.

maximising revenue and customer engagement

In order to boost engagement, conversions, and customer lifetime value with performance that doesn’t decline over time, Phrasee optimises and personalises content. Granular performance information enables marketers to monitor the real effects that AI content is having on the company’s main KPIs.

experimenting automatically

To improve the effectiveness of digital initiatives, Phrasee makes it simple to experiment with, learn from, and refine marketing messages. Easily experiment with content to make sure a brand’s most effective messages are seen by as many people as possible. The self-serve UI’s multi-step workflows and pre-built connections enable testing and optimisation at scale.

delivering more thorough customer insights that remove uncertainty

The words, emojis, and tones that a brand’s audiences respond to most (and least), as well as how they change, are revealed by Phrasee’s language insight reports, which analyse content tests. To guarantee that their messaging constantly resonates, marketers may apply these lessons to all of their marketing initiatives.

“Our suite of new generative AI capabilities provides enterprise marketers with an exclusive combination of AI-powered tools that not only generate on-brand, high-quality content but add the ability to optimize and personalize that content to drive increased engagement and revenue. This is what good content looks like”, “No other platform can provide this mix of solutions, and we are just getting started. Stay tuned for the release of more unique tools designed specifically to help enterprises embrace generative AI with confidence and achieve measurable results.”

Matt Simmonds, chief product and technology officer, Phrasee

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