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Nativex Becomes a Certified Partner of Petal Ads, Bolstering its One-stop Advertising Solution for Global Growth


Nativex has been accredited as a Petal Advertising partner, reiterating its status as a top digital marketing provider for international expansion. In addition to highlighting Nativex’s cross-border one-stop advertising solution and building on its past distinction as a Petal Advertising Certified Partner, this recognition demonstrates Nativex’s success in assisting advertisers in achieving worldwide growth.

The media buying teams of Nativex have been recognized by Petal Ads as “The Best Media Partners” for their outstanding marketing approaches.

A mobile ad network called Petal Advertising, formerly known as Huawei Ads until December 2022, has been collaborating closely with advertising, media, and publishing partners since 2017 to build a vast ads ecosystem. Together, they have developed Petal Advertising into one of the largest mobile ad platforms in the world, handling four billion daily ad requests and integrating with over 360,000 global publishers.

Nativex, a supporter of Petal Ads’ “all about quality” philosophy, has successfully assisted its clients in entering international markets by utilising the platform’s features. Nativex has been able to provide its clients with a range of integrated marketing solutions, such as user acquisition, influencer marketing, and creative services, by fusing leading international media channels and a variety of traffic sources.

Through these initiatives, Nativex has over the past year assisted partners in a wide range of industries, including gaming, e-commerce, pan-entertainment, finance, and utilities, to achieve quick development in Petal Advertising.

As part of our comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions, Nativex is now able to offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) advertising thanks to a partnership with Petal Ads. This will help us reach a wider audience and give our clients access to a potent new traffic source for user acquisition.

Nativex devised a thorough user acquisition plan by utilising full-process monitoring and resource incentives to get maximum exposure in the local market, using the example of a mobile RPG game’s initial launch in the European market. By partnering with regional influencers, brick-and-mortar retailers, operators, and other resources to raise brand awareness, Nativex and Petal Advertising promoted the game. They also hosted a number of events to promote in-game purchases and raise the game’s return on investment.

Despite the growing complexity of user acquisition and the rising costs of efficient media buying, Nativex has had remarkable success helping its clients achieve long-term growth in the international market by closely collaborating with platforms like Petal Ads. In order to reach a global audience, advertisers can use Nativex’s one-stop shop. Nativex offers dependable and comprehensive advertising services for its clients, including account opening, advertising optimization, data review, creative, and influencer marketing.

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