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Moloco Retail Media Platform Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Retail Media

Moloco’s corporate platform enables merchants and e-commerce marketplaces to establish and expand a machine learning-powered ad company.

Moloco, a market leader in operational machine learning (ML) and performance advertising, announced today the inclusion of Moloco Retail Media Platform (RMP) to Google Cloud Marketplace. The availability of Moloco RMP on Google Cloud Marketplace increases convenience and accessibility, allowing merchants and e-commerce marketplaces to develop and expand a machine learning-powered ad business.

Moloco RMP is a machine learning-powered business software solution that provides relevant advertisements, offers provable advertiser ROI, and automates ad management. By estimating a user’s likelihood to buy, Moloco’s powerful ML engine evaluates first-party user events such as search, browse, shopping cart, and purchase behavior to display the most relevant ads at the optimum bid price. Moloco’s platform improves the overall user buying experience by delivering targeted adverts that can generate high margin revenue for the company.

“Moloco has enabled retailers and e-commerce marketplaces to activate over 10,000 advertisers in a single day due to our automated advertiser onboarding systems and powerful machine learning models”, “Thanks to Google Cloud, building and scaling an ads business is an even more accessible path to profitability for many companies.”

Bill Michels, General Manager, Retail Media Platform, Moloco

Because of the convenience and accessibility of Google Cloud Marketplace, retailers and e-commerce marketplaces who use Google Cloud can now manage sourcing, purchasing, and fulfillment more swiftly and easily. This makes integrating with Moloco’s powerful machine learning engine extremely easier for Google Cloud customers.

“Many merchants and e-commerce marketplaces are seeking solutions that help them better support consumers along their purchasing journey”, “With its Retail Media Platform now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, Moloco is enabling companies to create better user experiences through personalized ads, drive performance, and generate increased sales.”

Dai Vu, Managing Director, Cloud Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud

Moloco RMP can offer modular alternatives for the world’s largest e-commerce platforms within their existing software stack, or provide customers with the convenience of an end-to-end solution. Customers may leverage proven ML models to boost performance and sales while also improving the user experience by offering advertising with self-serve options to increase sales. Moloco’s self-service interface may be used by retailers and e-commerce platforms to empower advertisers at scale, drive customization, and access different ad formats to meet the demands of individual advertisers. Moloco RMP is powered by machine learning, which uses first-party user data to provide targeted advertising that maximize both advertiser goals and platform ad income.


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