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Mitgo Launches Takeads – Privacy-First Native Advertising Platform


The discussion surrounding the usage of user data in digital advertising has grown in recent years, and it appears that a decision has now been taken. Also, the market for native advertising worldwide is expanding quickly. Takeads, a platform that puts user privacy first and is completely cookie-free, was introduced by Mitgo, a major participant in the MarTech and AdTech markets, in response to these industry changes.

User data, tracking software, and cookies are all going away. This has been made possible by the global adoption of severe new regulatory limits and data protection laws. Native advertising is expanding rapidly at the same time. The market for native advertising worldwide was worth $85 billion in 2021. Business Research Insights projects that this amount will rise to $189.5 billion by 2028.

Leading MarTech company Mitgo started developing its native advertising product five years ago. Takeads, a privacy-first native advertising platform, has just debuted and will benefit from both of these significant market changes.

One of the first international native advertising networks to properly priorities privacy is Takeads. It offers targeted adverts with no use of any cookies and no behavioral tracking information at all. Instead of using user data, Takeads’ analytical algorithm is based on content analysis. In order to effectively target website visitors with native advertising messages in ad forms that match the content itself, it analyses the text, links, and images contained inside a website and its subpages.

“Behavioural targeting and ad profiling based on personal interests are definitely out of step with modern privacy standards.”

Paweł Mazurek, a digital marketing and advertising expert with 20 years of experience in the field and Head of Takeads at Mitgo.

“With Takeads, we’ll steer people away from intrusive, content-interrupting advertising and towards a state of native advertising zen where content and ads collaborate, reaching the right users at the right times and locations, and eliciting only positive responses like curiosity and awareness. All of this while upholding the most recent legislation and preserving user privacy.

The aim of Takeads is to replace intrusive advertising formats with native, content-relevant advertising messages that are tailored to the interests of a certain user at a specific time.

“Rather than brute-forcing customers with flashy ads to get their attention, Takeads gently invites them into the brand conversation,” states Pawel Mazurek.

Currently serving more than 35,000 publishing websites and 120,000 advertising offers, Takeads is engaged in more than ten nations on three continents.

“The native advertising market is growing, and we intend to provide a valuable service for advertisers outside of Affiliate Marketing and give large sites and search services an opportunity to boost revenues while taking a privacy-first approach.”

Alexander Bachmann, CEO of Mitgo.

Takeads has seen a rise in demands from webmasters since its start to abandon user data-driven marketing. In order to enable platform and project owners access new revenue sources without using content-disrupting advertising tactics, it now consistently delivers millions of worthwhile, purchase-leading clicks.

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