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Marketing 2.0 Conference Reviews B2B Marketing Scams In A Post-COVID World

B2B Marketing

A fascinating panel discussion about personalised advertising and interesting solutions to this pressing problem was held at the USA-hosted Marketing 2.0 Conference.

B2B marketing frauds are becoming common as companies increasingly turn to digital marketing techniques in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. These ruses are intended to dupe companies into paying for marketing services that either don’t exist or are of poor quality. Businesses are particularly susceptible to B2B marketing frauds due to the development of remote labour and the rapid move to digital marketing brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic.

In light of this, panellists at the Marketing 2.0 Conference on December 19–21, 2022, in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, USA, discussed the rise of B2B marketing scams in a post–COVID world as well as the ways to help avoid further proliferation of such scams, spam, and fraud.

The panellists at the Marketing 2.0 Conference shifted the conversation to scams, spam, and fraud in the B2B marketing sector, emphasising how the majority of these frauds involve false advertising and deceptive promises. To entice businesses, con artists will make erroneous or misleading statements about their services. They might, for instance, promise to deliver a certain volume of leads or sales but fall short of their obligations.

Reports also suggest that SEO scams have been an emerging trend post-COVID. Businesses are promised high rankings in search engine results through SEO (search engine optimization) services. However, these services may use shady techniques such as keyword stuffing or link schemes, ultimately harming the business’s website and reputation.

Due to the burdensome financial impacts of the pandemic, many businesses have needed financial assistance. Recognizing this, scammers have been seen offering fraudulent government grants or loans to businesses, leaving them open to data theft and reputational and economic turmoil.

Keeping in mind the emergence of B2B marketing scams post-pandemic, verifying the legitimacy of businesses and their services is more crucial than ever. This can include checking their website and social media accounts for authenticity, researching their business history and reviews, and confirming their contact information.

Along with verification and thorough background checks, businesses must prioritize one of the most effective prevention measures, educating and training employees on recognizing and avoiding B2B marketing scams.

Global marketing events, such as Marketing 2.0 Conference, discuss scams and other prevalent marketing industry trends. Hosting industry experts and veterans, professionals can educate themselves on the latest developments and perspectives. So get ready to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry by becoming a part of this global marketing conference in Dubai and the USA in 2023!

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