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Magnite Launches ClearLine, Giving Ad Agencies a New, Efficient Route to Premium Video Inventory

Ad Agencies

Among the launch partners are Camelot, GroupM, and MiQ; the direct buying solution increases sales for Magnite sellers.

The largest independent sell-side ad agency in the world, Magnite, just introduced ClearLine, a self-service solution that gives agencies direct access to the company’s platforms to purchase premium video inventory. Built on the tried-and-true deal-driven video technology of Magnite, ClearLine dramatically enhances the amount of money spent on functioning media, makes it simpler for sellers and agencies to securely communicate data, and aids Magnite publishers in increasing sales and creating new niche markets for their products. Partners in the initial launch include Camelot, GroupM, and MiQ.

“While DSPs will remain the primary method for agencies to access premium video inventory on our platforms, we’ve heard agencies’ requests for a more direct connection in certain scenarios”, “ClearLine delivers agencies that additional path into our ecosystem while also benefiting media owners. In the end, both agencies and sellers want options that put more media dollars to work and offer greater flexibility around data enablement and sharing. We’re excited to launch with Camelot, GroupM, and MiQ as initial partners, and to get such positive feedback from media owners, who see this as another valuable avenue for driving revenue.”

Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer, Magnite

Based on technologies that Magnite publishers have long utilised to extend the monetization of their first-party audiences, manage inventory sharing through carriage agreements with other media owners, and handle traditional direct sales demand through the ad server. Despite the fact that ClearLine customises this capability for agencies, it advantages sellers by giving them an additional way to make money and attract niche demand. The major goal of Magnite is to serve vendors.

With the assistance of the agencies and the sellers, Magnite is happy to introduce ClearLine:

“GroupM has long been a driver of supply path optimization, to maximize the working media and reduce supply chain costs”, “We partnered closely with Magnite to launch our GroupM Premium Marketplace (GPM) and now, with ClearLine we can activate GPM’s capabilities faster and further, allowing our clients to spend more on media and messaging and less on fees and technology costs. This is the next step to accessing guaranteed quality video supply at scale without the need for a DSP across certain kinds of inventory transactions or unnecessary hops between the buyer and publisher.”

Andrew Meaden, Global Head of Investment, GroupM

“Getting closer to the supply side is a major component of Camelot’s Advanced TV strategy and the benefits from ClearLine have been immediate”, “Buying directly from our publisher partners within their tech stack has been extremely effective in augmenting and scaling our content-focused strategy while also creating large tech tax efficiencies. We are impressed with ClearLine’s UI, speed to insights, scale, and the granularity of buying data available to our teams.”

Mike Treon, Programmatic Strategy Lead, Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media

“Magnite is consistently at the forefront of innovation for the supply side. At LG Ad Solutions we welcome the debut of ClearLine to market as a way to bring publishers even closer to advertisers, particularly with the use of LG Ad Solutions’ unique ACR data”, “ClearLine shines new light on the ways we can reduce complexity and improve advertising outcomes in the connected video world.”

Serge Matta, Head of Commercial, LG Ad Solutions

“We see incredible value in being closer to the demand within the Magnite ecosystem, and ClearLine allows us to provide unique opportunities and measurable outcomes for advertisers, but it also helps us drive better consumer experiences.”

Travis Hockersmith, Group Vice President, Platform+, VIZIO

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