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Lytics Debuts Interest Engine: Advertising Segmentation Powered by AI & First-party Data


Lytics, a customer data platform (CDP) of the future generation, has announced the opening of the Lytics Interest Engine. Lytics Interest Engine is based on a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including Google Vertex AI for Natural Language Processing (NLP). It assists brands in building strong topic graphs that connect profiles to current interests for seamless ad targeting across all major ad networks.

Consumer interests need to be understood, measured, and acted upon now more than ever. The challenge of effectively scaling interest-based solutions remains for publishers and advertisers, as third-party cookies are phased out in 2024 and 1.5 years after Google’s Protected Audiences announcement.

The Protected Audiences API and individual customers are connected via Lytics Interest Engines. Lytics creates “affinity scores” by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract content topics from product catalogs and websites and link them to customer interactions. This enables brands to use robust, interest-based segments created specifically for Google Ads to present users with precise, customized ads. Through this process, billions of profiles’ easily understood interests are translated from user behaviors. Brands can use first-party data to curate these interests and improve targeting in an environment where affinities and interests show to be more useful indicators for advertising than third-party data.

“The Lytics Interest Engine creates impactful audiences for Marketing organizations in a privacy-friendly way”, We’re moving from a landscape of tracking to a realm of comprehension, allowing brands to engage with users inside of Google ads based on their interests in their brand and products.”

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, President, Lytics

In the past, in order to inform their targeting strategies, marketers were compelled to provide different ad networks with information about consumer interactions. However, this strategy is no longer viable given the growing privacy concerns and the downfall of third-party cookies.

“The future of advertising lies in understanding, not just tracking. With the Lytics Interest Engine, we’ve effectively built a Rosetta Stone for consumer interests, enabling brands to understand better and communicate with their audience across multiple platforms.”

Drew Lanenga, CTO, Lytics


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