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Loom launches Loom AI Suite, redesigned recorder, Google integration, and more

AI Suite

New features and capabilities, including as transcripts and captions in 50+ languages, are being developed to enable effective communication for the company’s 21 million+ users.

Loom, the async video communication platform, is unveiling a suite of strong new AI features, transcripts and captions in 50+ new languages, the company’s first official relationship with Google Workspace, and a redesigned version of our desktop recorder this week. Say welcome to intuitive, stunning work video.

“These launches are designed to do one thing: accelerate our mission to empower effective communication via video messages at work”, “Alongside our continued focus on performance and reliability, they mark the beginning of Loom’s next chapter. It’s a chapter that builds on async video that’s fast, intuitive, and easy — to make it even more automatic and magical.”

Joe Thomas,CEO and Co-Founder, Loom

Loom’s AI Suite

Loom’s new AI-powered capabilities are designed to help users be more productive and efficient without having to lift a finger. The suite increases viewer engagement on Looms by 18%, and 73% of people say it is “extremely or very valuable” to their current workflows.

The simple capabilities of the Loom AI Suite, which is available as a premium add-on for Business and Enterprise subscriptions, quickly offer context and polish to Looms. Loom AI generates a video title, a description of talking topics, divides each video into timestamped chapters, assigns action items to colleagues, and eliminates any “Ums” or extended pauses. Text-to-video, voice/camera avatars, and more features are in Loom’s AI roadmap for the future.

Loom AI is available for purchase or more information at

50+ additional languages for closed captioning and immediate transcriptions

In one out of every four Looms, the recording is not in English. Everyone at work can communicate effectively thanks to Loom. This is a major advancement in that direction.

All consumers, regardless of plan, will have access to multilingual transcription and captions. Additionally, this update makes all 50+ languages compatible with AI-powered features.

Integration with Docs & Chat in Google Workspace

Loom announced its first formal agreement with Google in order to deliver Loom to their dependable workspace, which is used daily by billions of users. This is what we’re doing:

  • Utilize Loom Smart Chips in Docs to transform links into intelligent previews that display pertinent details like titles and summaries on Google Workspace surfaces. Starting with Google Docs and Chat, the connection will later include Sheets, Slides, and other services.
  • Share and view Loom videos within Google Chat by using the preview feature. Do you often find yourself typing lengthy chat messages? Instead, record a brief Loom and email it.

Since its launch in 2016, the Loom Chrome extension has been a crucial component of the Loom platform. By collaborating with Google, Loom is now more accessible to the 3 billion people that use their ecosystem.

Redesign of the Loom desktop recorder from top to bottom

Our desktop recorders for Windows and MacOS have undergone a complete redesign. Based entirely on user feedback, the redesign incorporates major improvements and a revamped recording experience. As a result, recording Looms is quicker and more fluid.

To ensure that users can record confidently no matter where they choose to record, we are currently rolling out the new recorder. presently accessible on MacOS; coming shortly on Windows.


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