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Kargo Brings Innovative Video Advertising Products to APAC Market

Video Advertising

Kargo’s Enhanced Pre-roll Has Been Shown to Increase Consumer Interest and Purchase Intent

Kargo, a pioneer in attention-based, cutting-edge advertising solutions and services for businesses, agencies, retailers, and eCommerce, has announced the extension of its video advertising capabilities in Australia, New Zealand, India, and the South East Asia region. With optimal creativity, Kargo’s video solutions bring brands front and centre and guarantee that viewers will see them with the desired visual impact.

High-quality video advertising solutions are in high demand since Magna Global predicts a 15.8% increase in video in the area. Kargo has repeatedly shown that it can create unique experiences for the small screen by employing its own technologies and integrating it deeply with our carefully picked supply. Kargo has been at the forefront of developments in the advertising sector, and the company now offers three new video solutions that help brands attract attention and encourage purchases.

  • In order to increase product recognition and memorability, Branded Canvas adds more product visuals and content to your film.
  • The Split Card provides substantial space adjacent to the video ad, making it perfect for showcasing products, making promotional offers, or making bold calls to action.
  • For dynamic motion and extra attention, the interactive implementation adds modest branding components on top of the video.
Recent research from Mercury Analytics demonstrates that these formats have demonstrated viewability and lift results:
  • Viewability rate of 83%
  • 79% of videos are finished.
  • 17% Increase in brand favorability among viewers who weren’t exposed
  • Over non-exposed viewers, purchasing intent increased by 16%.

Additionally, Kargo’s video solutions produced higher CTR, more conversions, and a comparable CPCV for a car customer when compared directly to YouTube video advertising.

“Kargo delivers a high-quality video advertising experience that works better than standard pre-roll. Their unique technology and analytics help us create campaigns that perform extremely well. With Kargo, we are confident that our video advertising is making an impact.”

Josh Chan, Account Director, Razorfish


“Kargo understands what works for consumers and brands. Enhanced video ads make brands relevant, capturing attention and increasing performance against key metrics, even above industry standards. We’re thrilled to offer our video advertising in APAC, where digital advertising, particularly video, is in a growth phase”, “APAC advertisers can make a better impression with Kargo enhanced video ads.”

Neill Pitt, the sales Director, Kargo APAC

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