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IZEA Introduces Dynamic Content Requests in IZEA Flex


Marketers Can Now Easily Collect, Measure, and License Both Organic and Sponsored Content Thanks to a New Feature

Dynamic Content Requests have been made available in IZEA Flex, the company’s entire influencer marketing platform, according to IZEA Worldwide, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of influencer marketing technology, analytics, and services for the top brands and agencies. Marketers utilizing IZEA Flex can ask content creators who are publishing about their brand organically as well as those who are paid influencers to provide content by using Dynamic Content Requests. The new function enhances IZEA Flex’s seamless creative experience, which makes it simple for marketers and creators to work together.

Payment for Content

Marketers can use email invitations or personalized shortlinks that can be shared through social media direct messages (DM) or other channels to ask paid content creators to submit their work. Influencers are prompted to upload their content, and Flex will automatically link it to the appropriate campaign, handle, and contact record.

Licensing for Organic Content

For a wider call for organic content, marketers might post a content request in the open on their website or social media feed. Marketers that submit content through the system are given a usage license, allowing them to repost the content on their own social media accounts as long as they provide credit to the author. People that respond to an organic content request automatically become Flex contacts, providing them access to the brand for potential sponsorship opportunities in the future.

With no need for producers to register for the platform, Dynamic material Requests make acquiring material simple for both marketers and creators. Text, images, and videos can all be uploaded through the system through URL or manual upload.

Superior Source Materials

Dynamic material Requests facilitate the collection and submission of high-quality original images, videos, and other production assets in addition to live, published material. With the help of these resources, marketers may use content created by influencers in a range of contexts, from paid social media advertisements to print marketing materials.

Automatic Analysis and Measurement

Once uploaded in Flex, paid or unpaid material is actively tracked for interaction. Marketers can link the material to additional Flex modules to track and analyze campaign performance in-depth.

“At IZEA, we understand the power of both paid and organic content”, “With our new Dynamic Content Requests in IZEA Flex, we’re making it easier than ever for marketers to harness this power by streamlining the process of gathering, measuring, and licensing content. We’re not just simplifying the process, we’re enhancing it, providing high-quality source materials and automatic measurement and analysis. It’s the best of both worlds, brought together in one dynamic platform.”

Ted Murphy, IZEA’s Founder and CEO

IZEA Flex, which serves the requirements of companies and agencies of all sizes, provides a full range of solutions to improve influencer marketing initiatives. AI influencer campaign briefs and storyboarding, creator compensation, social listening, performance tracking, and contract administration are other IZEA Flex features.


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