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Invoca Launches Game-Changing Conversation Intelligence AI Innovations to Transform Digital Marketing and Contact Centers

Digital Marketing

Companies may now train AI models more quickly and gain insights and value right away from consumer discussions.

The award-winning Signal AI suite has been enhanced by Invoca, a recognized leader in Conversation Intelligence AI for marketing and sales. Signal AI Studio is a revolutionary new tool that enables companies to quickly build unique AI models that automatically extract ground-breaking insights from phone conversations. Invoca AI enables digital marketing and contact center teams to work together to drive revenue growth for businesses that gain clients, members, or patients over the phone. Along with various other AI advancements, Invoca also unveiled Topic Explorer and GPT Call Analysis as part of Invoca Labs.

“Businesses are getting inundated with claims of AI’s vast promise, but few solutions have made a meaningful difference in helping companies grow revenue”, “With Signal AI, you don’t need to be a data scientist to unlock the power of AI. Now, any user can drive revenue by unlocking breakthrough insights from the buying journey, especially the ‘moment of truth’ where consumers make critical purchase decisions. AI models custom-trained for your business deliver the most accurate insights, and now with Signal AI Studio, marketing and contact center teams can create them faster than ever.”

Nathan Ziv, Senior vice president of product, Invoca

Welcome to Signal AI Studio, the quickest way to build unique AI models.

Businesses can train unique AI models using Signal AI Studio to extract valuable data from every client interaction. The performance of agents and marketing budgets can be improved by revenue teams by revealing previously undiscovered facts to

  • Signal AI Studio makes it simple for anybody to understand caller intent and product or service interest, the discussion conclusion, subjects covered, and the performance of the agent on the call. Signal AI Studio automatically captures insights from phone conversations at scale. Since Invoca AI models are trained on the actual calls made by each company, they are incredibly accurate.
  • By simply inputting an insight, you can easily develop unique AI models: Making a unique AI model with Signal AI Studio is quick and simple thanks to a revolutionary no-code UI. The user only needs to key the insight they want to see, such as whether an agent is fielding a high-value service call, whether they scheduled an appointment, or whether the agent introduced themselves correctly. Then, with a few clicks, Signal AI Studio constructs an algorithm to categorize subsequent talks that are similar to this one. It then displays specific instances from pertinent calls for examination. After that, Signal AI Studio will automatically translate samples from prior calls that it thinks match that insight, and the user will then need to validate whether the AI’s prediction is accurate.
  • Automate follow-up actions with industry-leading integrations: Invoca’s smart alerts, quality assurance scorecards, and customizable reporting make it simple to drive the right actions from AI data. These integrations include those with Google, Facebook, Adobe, and Salesforce.

To assist enterprise brands in using AI to transform interactions into insights, Invoca also unveiled a number of significant upgrades to its Signal AI package. New improvements enable users to:

  • Automatically gather useful information to enhance audience retargeting and campaign reporting: In order to enhance the customer profile, Signal AI Autocapture leverages AI-powered named entity recognition (NER) to extract valuable first-party data from conversations. A structured set of information regarding the year, make, and model of the vehicle in which the caller expresses interest is extracted from the conversation when a customer calls an auto dealer while looking to buy a new automobile, for instance, using Signal AI Autocapture. This information can be utilized to enhance lead follow-up activities, audience retargeting, and campaign reporting.
  • Transform call records into superior transcripts: Using generative AI LLMs trained on more than 700,000 hours of audio data, Invoca’s new transcription engine converts phone recordings into text with excellent accuracy and a low word error rate.
  • Track the caller’s and the agent’s feelings independently at all times: Invoca uses fine-tuned neural network models to categorize caller and agent sentiment independently, including how it evolves throughout the call, in contrast to speech analytics alternatives that merely track overall call sentiment. Managers of contact centers can monitor how well each agent resolves a caller’s complaint or changes a negative mood into a positive one and train staff accordingly.

To increase call conversion rates, customer experiences, and ROI on digital marketing, many of the top consumer companies in the world rely on Invoca’s Signal AI:

“We are a luxury brand, and many of our guests book reservations by calling our properties and speaking to an associate”, “Invoca’s Signal AI enables us to measure how many room requests and reservation calls we generate from our search and digital marketing. With Invoca, we have the call value data we need to increase our return on ad spend and prove the full value of each marketing channel to our properties.”

Sara Beresfod, Director of global media, Four Season Hotels and Resorts

Additionally, Invoca unveiled two brand-new early-stage Invoca Labs capabilities for users to try out and comment on. Users now have access to experimental AI-powered GPT insights and analysis to:

  • Using Topic Explorer, visually discover fresh insights from thousands of calls at once: Utilize call summaries powered by GPT to identify themes and topical trends over hundreds of calls. To enhance CX and boost ROI, teams can gain fresh information about customers, calls, agent performance, and marketing efforts.
  • Receive succinct reports of each call made to your company: Instead of taking 15 minutes to listen to a conversation recording, GPT conversation Analysis, which is powered by generative AI, allows teams to comprehend the main points of a long call in three to four phrases. Additionally, managers can spend more time on value-added coaching instead of manually sorting through call data by using pre-defined prompts to identify frequent issues. To safeguard client data and safeguard consumer privacy, Invoca backs all AI solutions with its enterprise-grade reliability, security, redaction, and compliance.

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